NY Marathon – guiding blind runner Tamati in this amazing race

NY Medal

The NZ Achilles charity took a group of Kiwis to the New York Marathon in Nov 2017. Achilles ambassador Rachel Grunwell writes about guiding one of the athletes through this amazing race.
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The Run Down on This Amazing Race
The clock read: 5:59:39 – so it’s a sneaky sub 6-hour time for blind Achilles athlete Tamati Pearse in the 2017 New York Marathon.
Tam ran amazing today and his time is incredible. I’m so proud of him. He pushed through the pain to nail that time.
We had a lot of fun out there and Tam is beaming over that medal.
There’s nothing like the New York Marathon: Over 50,000 runners, 3 million spectators, fire engines everywhere, bands galore, people dancing and an intense police presence.
The swarms of runners was intense. A roaring stampede of feet like a herd of elephants. The crowds screamed cheers so loud that it was like running through a rave.
Discarded water cups at water stations everywhere under feet was war-zone like. Dodging hazards everywhere.
We got to start before the elites and main runners and so it was dead quiet on the course for about an hour. Thousands were screaming just for Tam for a long time: Surreal. Then the elites flew by with swarms of police cars, motorbikes and flashing lights. The men flew.
Tam and I started out with another guide but he couldn’t keep up and so he dropped back to help another Achilles athlete. Thankfully we found a guide on the course who offered to help (her Achilles athlete had to drop out of the race as he was struggling ). Then we picked up another guide at half way – the 21km mark. Thank goodness. People were flying past us at great speed and it was overwhelming to keep Tam safe. With three of us surrounding Tam, running and taking turns to guide. I constantly gave verbal cues throughout … What can I say, I’m good at talking 😂.
I dedicated some miles to some people who have helped Tam along the way including his parents, his whanau, his work, Peter Loft, Kiri Price, & John Bowden, to name some.
We got through safe and happy. So grateful for a top team. And so proud of this bloke who is constantly becoming a stronger runner.
I’m always inspired by Tam. He shows others that no barrier should stop you from doing something tough and hard. Dreams are there to be chased.
Meanwhile, I’m so glad the legs get a break now. 42km is never an easy feat!
NT Tamati and I with medals
Here are some other inspirational members of the NZ Achilles team.  Prepared to be inspired beyond words.
NY - Rod Dixon
Legendary New York Marathon winner from the past, Rod Dixon.
achilles ny team 2017NY wheelies ready to goNY Dick Traum
Achilles global founder Dick Traum
NY Dan
NY wheelie lauraNY jess in motionNY JackNY JessNY Ian
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