3 Top Motivation Tips & Enter our $500 Fitbit giveaway!

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3 Top Motivation Tips 

By Rachel Grunwell: Award-winning journalist. Good magazine’s wellness columnist & smoothie chick. Multi-Marathoner. Yoga Teacher. Blogger for this lifestyle website.

Most people have the intention to get fitter or adopt healthy habits. But the motivation soon fades. Here are 3 motivation tips to keep you on track to transform “you”.

  1. Value Your Health and Make it a Top Priority. You deserve “me time”. And remember that if you are healthier then this can boost your happiness levels. So mark your calendar with twice weekly “exercise dates” and stick to them. Ask a friend to join you if they are free!
  2. Mindset Matters. Believe you can and you will achieve your goal. Keep positive – this really matters. Ring a girlfriend often often who helps to motivate you and keep you on track. Help each other to be your best!
  3. Education is Power. Geek up on why health and fitness stuff matters. It helps back your “why” when you question your health goals and motivation starts to fade. Find education and inspiration through fitness and health books or instagram inspiring chicks like me! We are here to help you with your goal and journey. So, find your run tribe! I went from unfit to fit only a few years ago and so I know what you are going through. If I can do this – you can too. I promise.
  4. Rachel Grunwell is an award-winning writer, magazine columnist, yoga teacher, marathoner & recipe creator





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