Fitbit launches first watch for kids & new arm bling for adults

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By Rachel Grunwell: Magazine wellness columnist, run magazine wellness journalist + passionate marathoner and yoga teacher.

Hands up who is a Fitbit fan?

Obviously TV & radio show host Mel Homer, Fitbit ambassador Art Green and your truly are – according to this pic at the launch of the new Fitbit Versa watch in Auckland.

Actually, these two peeps alongside me are awesomely fit and inspiring and it’s always great to be in their company at Fitbit events. We were all involved in the recent Fitbit challenge, doing as many steps as we could as well as raising awareness about Diabetes and how movement helps to combat Diabetes Type 2.


fitbit trio

So what’s with the new Fitbit Versa watch? Well, as you can tell from Mel and I… there’s a super cute pink colour option!! You can change up the straps to some cool new colours. The watch has a four day battery life span, it’s super light and streamlined (so easy to sleep with), it’s more affordable than the iconic Fitbit ($349… or for the special edition it’s $399) and there are new features including accessing music that even offers “music flow” (ie a smart feature that works out the music you like). And the tracking features are just getting better and better. Soon women will even be able to track how they ovulate via new connected women’s wellness technology through the watch too. This would be super handy if you were trying for a baby.

A super cool announcement is the Fit Ace watch for kids. One in five kids is obese (says Fitbit stats), and so this health tool is an incredible way to help address this epidemic. This little Fitbit watch does not offer calorie counting or body fat insights for kids or connection to communities where adults are. So Fitbit has thought through the use of the technology well. It will be a tool to inspire kids to move more.

Meanwhile, I heard some inspiring wellness speakers at the Fitbit launch including some Fitbit representatives as well as Clair Turnbull and Rene Schliebs from Mission Nutrition. They spoke about how good health decisions, movement, quality sleep and using their Fitbit helps to power wellness.

A mum called Rachel also spoke about how she won her battle with diabetes including using her Fitbit watch to motivate her to increase her daily step count. She shared her journey on how she regained her health and went onto have her longed-for third child.

“It’s about consistency. There are days when you do not feel motivated. So when I lost motivation, I could look back at my Fitbit app and see where I had been and how far I had come,” she said.


 fitbit panel 

Meanwhile, Clair Turnbull shared some tips on some lessons she has learned through her own wellness journey as well as helping lots of clients with nutrition needs. Here are some of her tips:

Sleep is gold.

Remember to breathe well.

Moving is Essential.

Start small with your wellness journey.

Ask for help.

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