3 Tips for Mouth-Watering + Healthy Smoothies

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3 Tips for Mouth-Watering + Healthy Smoothies

By Rachel Grunwell

Smoothies & juices are an incredible way to inject nutrients into your every day.

But there are a few tricks that people often make when making smoothies. I’ve created healthy recipes for Good magazine now for years (I’m also the mag’s wellness columnist). I drink home-made smoothies and juices regularly at home of course – often after a run or doing a yoga session.

I’m super excited that some of my nutrient-dense & delicious smoothies will soon be on offer too at Rotorua’s Polynesian Spa (where I co-lead the weekend-long Mindful Moments health retreats by the way) which are so blissful…

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Pic credit: Ben Parkinson, Pablo Creative

Here are 3 of the biggest smoothie-making mistakes:

  1. * A common mistake is making the same smoothie day after day after day…I dub this “smoothie fatigue”. When you thrash the same recipe day after day, then this drink gets boring – fast. It’s also not smart to be having the same old nutrients repeatedly. Change up your nutrients often to absorb different minerals. If you consume different nutrients then your taste buds will thank you for this too. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t excite me to drink the same thing day-in/day-out.
  2. * Another mistake is chucking in way too many ingredients, turning your smoothie into a brown muddy slush. This doesn’t look appetizing. It’s also a risk of making them calorie-loaded. You can literally end up swigging back your entire calorie intake in one sitting!And what a waste, when it doesn’t even taste good!
  3. * Adding too much fruit can also turn smoothies into a sugar-cocktail. You don’t actually need that much sugar to sweeten up your drink. A little fruit used in the right way is key.

Here’s Rachel’s recipe for a delicious beetroot juice. Click HERE

Rachel creates smoothies for Good magazine and you can buy her smoothies too from the cafe at Rotorua’s Polynesian Spa. When she’s not running or teaching yoga, she’s in her office writing for Good magazine & Run4YourLife magazine.

Find out about the Mindful Moments retreats Rachel co-leads at Rotorua’s Polynesian Spa by clicking HERE. She will be at the pools in the Polynesian Spa relaxing and soaking her sore muscles after the Rotorua Marathon event (check out the pic below of her in one of the blissful pools below – can’t you just imagine yourself there!)  To find out more about the Rotorua Marathon event click HERE

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Nourish yourself with smoothies and blissful soaks at the Polynesian Spa…


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