‘7-Day Cleanse Body, Cleanse Mind’ Detox

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Looking for a juice cleanse with a difference? Well, here’s one that’s truly different at Takapuna’s Golden Yogi studio. This is run by the beautiful and talented sisters Erin and Kirsty O’Hara.

The ‘7-day Cleanse Body, Cleanse Mind’ detox includes two 300ml bottles of juice daily (that’s 14 organic juices in total – with each juice containing a bag of kale and an entire celery among the vegetable content and fresh apple juice to sweeten). These are made fresh daily by former elite runner, Erin, who once raced professionally but now is an incredible meditation teacher. I’ve tasted these exact juices and they don’t make you wince; they’re delicious as well as nutrient-rich potions. Swigging these back will make you feel virtuous, I promise!!
This 7-day cleanse also includes a healthy meal plan, a herbal detox product, a mini-booklet with yum and light meal ideas that are easy to make, plus a guide to making yum smoothies, juices, salads and soups. I was also given a dry skin brush (my skin literally shed a layer and felt so freshened up too and oh so smooth). There’s a cute journal provided too to log your joinery (and no doubt your frustrations and joys of change). AND part of this cleanse is a 7-day invitation to indulge in a range of yoga and meditation sessions at the Golden Yogi studio based on Auckland’s North Shore.
I went to a Green Smoothie workshop recently here which kicked off the the most recent detox group and this was so handy to learn how to make these smoothies which can add extra greens and vitamins into the diet. I loved that one of the first things Erin said was: “We are all going to be eating on this cleanse!” Hallelujah, I said (just quietly to myself!)
Erin says her cleanse won’t send anyone to sleep at work, or leave clients toilet-bound for seven days either like some other cleanses might. She instead offers a way to cleanse that doesn’t deprave you too much and allows you to function, yet change.
On this 7-day plan there’s no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, coffee, tea with tannins i.e. black tea. And no green tea even as it contains caffeine.
Erin even prescribes a half hour walk daily, brushing the body daily (rubbing in a circularly movement and starting at the extremities and moving towards the heart) – followed by a cold shower (this invigorates circulation of blood flow and “brightens your aura”, I’m told) and then we’re told to use almond oil on our skin (“a great yogi technique”, adds Erin).
It was fun to learn so much about smoothie making and gather so many tools to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. I guess the best part of the course was Erin’s instructions on how to do various blends of smoothies and juices (so I was confident on what to do). I’ve used her smoothie ideas in my kitchen a lot since and her ideas are just terrific. She gives lots of tricks and tips along the way during the practical workshop session too (like it’s good to have sauerkraut because it’s full of pro-biotics). I think her demonstration on opening a young coconut (high in electrolytes!) ranked up there for me. I’m now confident to add fresh coconut into my juicer at home. I’ve always wondered how to do that and had avoided any recipe that included this previously. Thank you Erin!
I love the 7-day package that Erin and Kirsty have created together – and the yoga and meditation Erin recommends makes this cleanse super unique. Their beautiful studio is a place that I’d recommend meanwhile for yoga and meditation anytime. It’s a great place for de-stressing, reviving and healing the body and mind. This is a place where you can “dissolve emotional turmoil”, as Erin once told me.

If you’d like to attend the next 7-day cleanse, it’s in 2015, and here are the details:

DATE: February 15th – 22nd, 2015.

$499 standard pricing
$399 special for Golden Yogi members on Unlimited memberships (excluding newbie)
(Same package as last time – but excluding the dry skin brush – people will need to purchase this as a separate cost. Mostly because lots of the members who did the cleanse last time want to do it again – and they will already have a brush…)
Find out more details via www.goldenyogi.co.nz

* PS: If you’ve been to Golden Yogi – tell me what you think about your experience there. I’d love to hear.



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