8 Reasons Why Cycle Classes Are Cool

rpm class


By Rachel Grunwell

Have you fallen in love with the cycle classes yet? If you haven’t tried RPM, then you are missing out!

Here are eight reasons why cycle classes rock:

  1. The workouts are generally short and intense and so they are great if you are short on time but want to get in an effective workout quickly.
  2. You burn calories for hours post the workout. Do you need any more reasons after this one!
  3. You cycle alongside others and it doesn’t matter if you are all at different levels. You just adjust the lever to your ability. So, it’s nice to cycle alongside others. So essentially you can be training alongside a pro-athlete.
  4. The workout is low impact. So, it’s easy on your joints.
  5. You seriously sweat in these classes and feel amazing afterwards.
  6. If you are training for a cycling event, then this is a great training option. It’s not weather-dependant and it’s also safe ie no cars to avoid!
  7. You feel like you’ve entered another world. In a darkened room, you sit on a bike while the music booms and a trainer leads you through your workout and motivates you along the way.
  8. You work harder in these classes than you might on your own.

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Article by Rachel Grunwell – wellness magazine columnist, yoga teacher, marathoner and director of lifestyle website inspiredhealth.co.nz. Follow InspiredHealth on Facebook & Instagram.





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