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Inspiring Kiwis to live “well” – to move more, eat well and to live a life they love.

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This hub is run by Rachel Grunwell: Award-winning writer, magazine columnist, speaker, blogger & influencer, yoga teacher, healthy recipe creator and multi-marathoner.

The philosophy at Inspired Health is to live life with “balance”, not perfectionism.

Rachel Grunwell

Rachel Grunwell is an award-winning writer, magazine columnist,
yoga teacher, marathoner & recipe creator

Rachel is an award-winning writer, speaker, wellness columnist & healthy recipe creator (Good magazine), qualified yoga teacher, blogger & influencer.

Rachel collaborates with lots of well-known brands and businesses on inspiring Kiwis to live “well” ie move more, eat well, think well and to live a life they love.

Always on-the-run (19 marathons at last count), Rachel knows a thing or two about mind-set and goal-crushing. She runs for her own wellbeing, but also helps disabled athletes through some events. She recently helped a team at the New York Marathon.

Background. Rachel worked for the Herald group & Fairfax as a journalist for many years. She once won NZ’s best social issues journalist of the year in NZ. She’s been writing in the wellness/health/fitness/happiness niche for about six years. You may remember her weekly Herald column where she reviewed hundreds of fitness and health trends. You name it, she has tried it (and survived it for the sake of being a word-smith!): Acrobatic yoga, flying trapeze, boxing with pro boxer Monty Betham, surfing in Hawaii, BMX riding with Olympian Sarah Walker, a Tough Mudder training session with Shorty St star Pua Magasiva… She’s interviewed many of the top health and wellness experts globally through her newspaper and magazine writing through to NZ based experts. So, Rachel has a unique overview of the wellness industry.

Rachel balances her business around her family including three school-aged kids who keep her grounded. People often label her “Superwoman” because she juggles high-profile wellness work with family life. But she argues that Superwoman is a myth. It’s about living a life mindfully in balance. Ps she says if she really was Superwoman.. then she’d use her super powers on her kids to get them to do their homework without a fuss.

Examples of brands and businesses Rachel has worked with:

Fitbit – Key note speaker at a big Fitbit launch/social media influencer/helping lead stretches along with The Batchelor Art Green at the 12km Traverse at the Auckland Marathon, inspiring 3500 people before the run challenge.

John West (salmon and tuna). John West was the sponsor of Auckland Marathon’s 12km event. Rachel co-presented a series of motivation/educational videos inspiring Kiwis to take on the challenge for social media alongside an elite athlete. This contract also involved social media influencing + doing yoga-for-runners stretches & helping at the event expo. Here are two video from a series she co-presented for this contract. One vid example click HERE & another vid example click HERE

Nespresso – speaker on a panel discussion on how to be a success (alongside celeb chef Josh Emett and comedian Jesse Mulligan etc). Social media influencer work on two campaigns.

New Balance (apparel and footwear). Influencer in the lead up to the New York Marathon in Nov 2017. Rachel took over the social insta-story account for the brand sharing yoga-for-runners stretches and shared yoga knowledge.

Cigna insurance. Wellness ambassador. Wellness writing, wellness videos, blogs & inspiration. Cigna is the major sponsor of Wellington’s Cigna Round the Bays event. To see a blog on the Cigna website click HERE, or to see a video where Rachel features on behalf of Cigna click  HERE.

My Food Bag. Social media campaign to promote the Fresh Start meals (healthier meals).

Good magazine. Wellness columnist and healthy recipes creator. Rachel inspires Kiwis on how to be fitter, healthier and happier. She interviews experts globally. Read one of Rachel’s columns HERE.See her beetroot juice published in Good magazine here. See a published Chocolate Smoothie recipe bowl HERE.

Les Mills. Motivational blogs, recipes and inspirational content for this global brand for their health hub. Read a column HERE. See a recipe HERE.

Marathon work: Rachel has worked with Christchurch Marathon, Wellington Marathon, Rotorua Marathon. Work has included social media, blogs and at the Wellington and Rotorua marathons she spoke on a panel to inspire runners and share advice.

Lululemon. Speaker on a panel for two Mind over Miles events. Leading yoga classes on-site for the brand. She has also lead yoga-for-runners sessions for Adidas and Asics.

Occasional travel writer: Here’s a piece published through the Herald group nationwide on taking the family to the Whitsundays. Click HERE

Freelance writer (freelancing for many of NZ’s top media titles including Fairfax and the Herald). Read her travel writing piece in Sept 2017 on her trip to Queensland which was published in the Herald. Read her story on ‘coffee & the health benefits’ published in the Sunday-Star-Times  HERE.

Wellbeing expert/speaker – Rachel has appeared several times on The Mix and Saturday Fresh radio shows. Listen to a radio interview with Carly Flynn where Rachel talks about goal-setting  Here.

Cigna Round the Bays event columnist (published weekly in Wellington-based newspapers for three months leading up to the event). Here’s a column example HERE.

Qualified yoga teacher – Rachel is a qualified yoga teacher. She can run “bliss/de-stress-style” events. 

Achilles Charity Ambassador (spokesperson for the charity, she guides disabled athletes through run events).

Ambassador for Good People Run nationwide run community.

Director of Inspired Health – a website to inspire Kiwis to live ‘well’. This website link is included at the end of magazine and newspaper articles by Rachel.