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Fitlab – The Science of Cycling

Fitlab – The Science of Cycling

Want a more scientific approach to training?

Not sure how to train? or how to train optimally?

Fitlab assesses your fitness using a range of sport specific tests (such as: Lactate Testing (OBLA/Lactate Threshold), Peak Power, Predicted VO2max and Body Composition).

Training Zones
Accurate training zones can be calculated from the test results to ensure you train effectively and specifically.

Training Plan
The test information guides Fitlab’s training advice using the customized training zones and feedback to target specific areas of fitness. Future tests gauge improvements by measuring changes in the different variables to help track your progress.
We can work with your coach using our testing to determine zones and track progress or you can work with one of our coaches who train riders from beginners to professionals.

To put it simply, Fitlab shows where you are at, gives accurate training zones and tracks improvements.
0800 21 348 522 (0800 21 FITLAB)

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Fitlab – The Science of Cycling


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