3 Positives about this Nespresso Coffee Cup

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3 Positives about this Nespresso Coffee Cup

I sit with my hands holding a coffee every morning. It’s “me time” and I savour the mindful moment. It’s the reward after a run or doing yoga and part of my daily ritual.

This week we celebrated International Recycling Day (May 17) and this inspired me to pen three positives I get out of my cup of Nespresso coffee – because I know Nespresso is “hot” on this “recycling topic”. Plus, I figured many Kiwis may not know some other positives that can come from coffee:

  • If you recycle anything (like Nespresso capsules) then this positive action helps to re-wire your brain towards the positive. Having a positive mind-set in general helps with happiness. Did you know that your habits can be “contagious” too? For example, if you recycle, then you can influence others around you to do so too. That’s because our habits, attitudes and actions are keenly observed by others. So, your influence in huge! Attitudes can affect friends, family, work colleagues but actually much wider than that too as the people you know may talk about your healthy habits with others. As a magazine columnist, I write a lot about caring for yourself, others and the planet – so I hope my friends are listening (wink wink, nudge nudge)!

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  • Nespresso cares about recycling and sustainability and so this helps me to feel happier about savouring my morning coffee! I care about being a conscious consumer and living a more mindful life. I’m not perfect, but I know every little bit we can do is better for the planet, which is why I think it’s important to purchase products that have been ethically produced – environmentally, socially, or both. Nespresso has a sustainability vision for 2020 called ‘The Positive Cup’. The company cares about improving farmer welfare and environmental sustainability in coffee sourcing and consumption. Their global sustainability goals are in relation to coffee sourcing, the management of aluminium from sourcing to recycling and improving their carbon footprint. There are over 375 touchpoints in NZ (like NZ Post shops, Nespresso Boutiques and some florists) where you can recycle the aluminium coffee capsules. To find your nearest recycling point click HERE. (add link). By the way, the coffee grounds end up as compost and the aluminium capsule is infinitely recyclable (which means they are given a second, third, fourth (etc,etc) life as new aluminium products).

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Pic: I carried my Nespresso capsules into Molly Blooms in Epsom, Auckland. This is just one of many places that you can drop the capsules off for recycling. To find a place near you in NZ click HERE.

  • Not many people actually know there can be positives with the drink. It can improve your looks, health and longevity, according to some studies. To elaborate, some studies have shown it contains antioxidants (which is linked to anti-aging), has been linked with lowering type-2 diabetes and it may offer some protection against health issues such as cognitive decline in the golden years. Look, it’s ultimately an individual thing. I personally feel great drinking one cup in the morning, but if it doesn’t agree with you then that’s cool. Just do what’s right for you!

This blog was kindly made possible by the wonderful peeps at Nespresso. #collab #spon 

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