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Learn how to be the best version of “you” using real, relatable and relevant advice that’s science-backed. Inspired Health is run by Rachel Grunwell. She’ll guide you on advice that actually works. Her background: Wellness expert. Speaker. Wellness workshop leader. Author of the book Balance, . Coach. Yoga + Mindfulness teacher. Wellness magazine columnist for Indulge magazine (which goes on the Herald on-line weekly). Healthy recipe creator (for Good magazine and a string of brands and companies). Mindful Moments retreat co-leader at Rotorua’s top tourist destination, the Polynesian Spa. Blogger. Wellness influencer.

More importantly: She “gets” what it’s like to be confused about what to eat and how to move and think well…. Seven years ago she was an unfit mum who was confused about how to live healthy and happier. So if she can do this, anyone can.

Inspired Health’s mission: Inspiring people to live ‘well’. 


Food, Health + Happiness

The new book by Rachel Grunwell

This book is for anyone who wants to be healthier and happier.

Respected journalist Rachel Grunwell interviews 30 experts globally to get the best of tips on how to uplift your mind, body and soul so that you can live your best life. Along the way, Rachel also shares her story on how she went from being an unfit, stressed- out investigative journalist and mother, to someone who is now a multi-marathoner and wellness expert who coaches others with fitness and lifestyle plans.

As well as interviews with experts, Balance has 30 recipes for nutrient-dense, delicious snacks and smoothies, including some sweet treats, because the book is all about ‘balance.’

Balance is a science-based book with the best tips from a variety of experts that will inspire you to move well, eat well, think well, feel well and live well. What are you waiting for? Dip in!

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