By Rachel Grunwell

Tough times can either grind you down and spit you out. Or tough times can make you stronger, better and even more kick-ass resilient.

You get to choose.

Yep, that’s right. You are always choosing how you view the world. This lockdown period due to Covid 19 – and the postponement of the Rotorua Marathon event to September 26 – is either the hardest thing ever, or a blessing. It just depends on what way you choose to view it.

For instance, when I messaged TV and radio personality Mike Puru (who is running the event along with radio colleagues Stacey Morrison and Anika Moa) to tell him about the postponed marathon, his reply was awesome. “Ooooh, more time to train!” He replied.

Isn’t that response choice!

Happiness researcher Shawn Achor (who is one of the 30 global experts in my book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness) calls having a brighter view on life in tough times “falling up”, instead of “falling down”. He reckons we should capitalise on the “downs” to build “upward momentum”.

So, what I’m trying to say, is instead of feeling gutted that the event will instead run in September. Think of the bonus sides to this…

Look, isolation still sucks, I get it. There are things we just can’t do right now for important health and safety reasons ie like be social and run with our run buddies. But there are things we CAN do. So, focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do. Here are some ideas to get you inspired & two recipes including these yum Choc Orange Protein Packed Bliss Balls…

5 Ways to Get Out of a Fitness Funk:

  1. Take a good look at your attitude and adjust it to one of gratitude. You can still run! Just keep the Government guidelines in mind and keep your social distancing at all times. And please do it solo. You health (and the health of all Kiwis is crucial right now). With the marathon further away, it’s a bonus that you can run this event even better with more time – if you use your time well.
  2. Think about how you can build yourself up as a better runner ie are there warm up and cool down exercises and yoga stretches you can learn to keep you injury-free? Here’s a cool 1-minute yoga flow for better mobility on my insta page . Click HERE
  3. Do you have a strong core and good posture that helps to keep you upright during the long miles (rather than having that slumped over look with collapsed shoulders). Could you fine-tune your running by upping your education through wellness or run books or find a coach who can help you to get where you want to be (ps research shows that coaches help you reach your goals in a smarter way and quicker). Or do you simply want to get stronger so you have more pep in your step up those gnarly hills?
  4. View your body like a brand spanking new race car and consider how you are fuelling it. Do you fuel your body for optimum performance? Could you lose a few kilos so you are lighter and faster on your feet? Are you curious on how to eat in a way where food can aid your running better? You CAN fuel your body to perform better – and as a positive spinoff you might be able to fit your jeans a bit better, which is always a bonus. Here’s my recipe for Choc Orange Protein-Packed Bliss Balls if you are after a healthy nourishing snack. Click HERE. And here’s my Banana Chia Smoothie recipe to get you started on something yum, yet healthy.
  5. Try meditation to help you get the re-set to feel more calm and grounded. Tapping into something yin, can help you to get stronger! Here’s a 1-min meditation that’s easy peasy on my insta. Click HERE

You can work on any of these ideas NOW. You have a month with no excuses. I’d love to know how you are choosing to view this lockdown time. Tell me by connecting with me on social media. Follow me too for more wellbeing inspo, recipes and advice. I’m here on Instagram & Facebook and I love these these social communities.

Yoga can strengthen and stretch your body. Having good mobility can help you “move well”, and ultimately “run well”.

Rachel is the Rotorua Marathon ambassador. She has run this marathon four times, and the half marathon once. She’s a coach, yoga teacher, wellness magazine columnist and author of the book Balance. She’s also a Rotorua gal born and bred and she loves this race and place!

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