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By Rachel Grunwell: Award-winning journalist. Good magazine’s wellness columnist & smoothie chick. Multi-Marathoner. Yoga Teacher. Blogger.

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If I can run, you can too. I’m here to help you find that runner’s high.

Here are some tips below for inspiration to get moving.

I’m an experienced runner now (19 marathons at last count and lots of fun runs and half-marathons too). But I’ll never forget what it was like at the beginning of that run journey. It was tough. My face resembled the redness of a fire-engine and each step was a struggle. I often felt like giving up. But I just kept going and after a while it became easier.

If I can run, I reckon anyone can. Here’s how…

10 Run Tips: 

  1. * Start off with a walk/run routine for about 20-minutes 2-3 times weekly around your ‘hood. Walk a power pole, run a power pole, and repeat etc. After a few weeks you will run a little more than you walk. After several weeks, you may even run that whole circuit. Then just slowly build up the distance and time. Follow me on Instagram and I can help you along the way. I love connecting with fellow runners. Click HERE.
  2. * Don’t run too fast too soon; It’s a fast track to injury. It also makes running no fun at all! The secret is to build up a run base slowly. Then over time you get stronger – and faster.
  3. * Don’t compare your running to anyone else. This is about your journey. Besides, comparison is the thief of joy. That’s my favourite yoga-teacher saying, by the way!
  4. * Focus on how you FEEL after a run. It’s not about how you look, but rather how you feel. Running can help to clear the head, help with your health journey and get your body moving well. It will be hard at the start, but I promise it will get easier if you just keep up the consistency of training.
  5. * Don’t flap your arms about when you run – unless you want to look like a goose 🙂 Keep your arms relaxed and close by your sides. Let the natural swing of the arms power each stride.
  6. * Don’t wear fitness gear that’s pink from head-to-toe. You’ll resemble moving candy floss.
  7.  * Stretch and strength work will help you to become a stronger runner.
  8. * Enter an event to have a goal to work towards and motivate you into action. I’m doing the Rotorua Marathon event next. Join me! Find out more about the May 5, 2018, event by clicking HERE. This is a cool city to plan a weekend trip at too.
  9.  *  Talk a friend into joining you on this journey. You’ll motivate each other.
  10. * Be a mindful runner. Soak up the fresh air, the beautiful sights and savour the moment. Embrace the heart-lifting freedom of movement.Alice van schaik 2 quad stretch
  • Stretching for runners. “It’s helpful for runners. It helps you to move well and run well (and look less like a lego man (i.e. tight and sore) the day after a long run)”. 


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Joy: Running can help you to find the runner’s high – a science-proven state! “It takes me to a place of flow where I’m attuned to the moment”. 

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