Mike and Rach after Le Race

By Rachel Grunwell

As Good magazine’s wellness columnist, I take on adventure challenges quite a bit. I write about fitness/health/wellbeing & happiness generally for the magazine and part of being happy is taking on hairy/scary/bold challenges for a thrill (and then I write about them!)

I firmly believe that you can change yourself by challenging yourself. I live for adventure and get the biggest kick out of goal-crushing.

I wrote a weekly blog for months leading up to the Le Race event (a 100km cycle race from Christchurch to Akaroa), covering tips on nutrition, health, wellness, strength work, cycle classes and skills with riding, and how I prepared for the event thanks to my awesome coach Richard Greer from Team CP.

Here’s the final column published with the magazine. Click HERE

Meanwhile, that’s a pic of Mike McRoberts and I at the finish-line – sweaty, but smiling!