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Beetroot Juice

Want to fuel your body well for it to perform well? I’m a big believer in eating wholefoods to help to power you feeling well and full of energy.

I change up the nutrients I consume regularly because it’s good to have a broad diet. I’m loving beetroot juice at the moment and you’ll love the benefits too! Beetroot supports liver detoxification. It is known too for containing nitrates which produce a gas (nitric oxide) which helps to widen blood vessels and can help support blood pressure. If you want glowing skin, this should be a go-to (avocados and salmon are also good skin foods by the way). Here’s a juice recipe:

Beetroot Juice


2 medium beetroots (washed & cut into chunks… remember to use gloves to avoid stains on your hands. I often use the ready-to-go ones I buy from the supermarkets too in packets because it’s easy!)

1 green apple (de-core)

2 stalks celery (washed under water)

1 chunk of ginger (I use about a 3cm piece because I really like the taste, but use less if you like)

squeeze of lime juice

Put all the ingredients in a juicer (apart from the lime) and pour into a glass. Add the squeeze of lime after into the glass and stir. You can drink this as is, or sometimes I add a cup of coconut water too. Enjoy!

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