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By Rachel Grunwell: Good magazine’s wellness columnist & smoothie chick. Multi-Marathoner. Yoga Teacher. Blogger & Influencer. 

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The French Art of Not Giving a Fuck (published by Allen & Unwin)

I’m constantly reading health, fitness, nutrition and wellness books. It’s part of my job as a magazine columnist and professional blogger. I want to be up with what’s new and all the new trends and , of course, the latest science. I’m a bit of a geek because I really love it.

This book – The French Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Fabrice Midal – is going near the top of my list of cool wellness books this year.

This is full of simple secrets to true happiness, the French way.

It’s about how to put the breaks on all the demands and “must dos’ in your life and not give a fuck about the things that you really don’t give a fuck about. Instead, this book gives you permission to walk away from the things that don’t make us happy.

We torture ourselves with how we should be and what we should be doing. But instead we should make room in our lives for the things and people that light us up and really matter. 

Midal is one of the world’s leading teachers of meditation and mindfulness – really trendy things to do to de-stress these days. But incredibly, he has a chapter headed ‘Fuck Meditating’. 

Instead  he encourages us to “just be” and be human and let go of the too-much, too-busy stuff. Instead meditation is just a form of breathing “without guidelines or sanctions”.

“And therein lies its healing power,” he writes.

Other headlines: Fuck being calm, Fuck obeying, Fuck being wise, Fuck holding yourself back, Fuck being passive, Fuck being conscious, Fuck wanting to be perfect, Fuck trying to understand everything…

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