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Executives ‘Failing to Plan’ With Self-Health are ‘Planning to Fail’…
CEOs and business leaders know company health and wellness initiatives are important. After all, research shows that happy and “well” employees can influence a company’s bottom line.
But many high-level businessmen and women are failing when it comes to their own health goals. It’s something I see often, and I’ve got a top university researcher weighing in on this topic too in this blog.
Failing to plan for your personal wellbeing is planning to fail to stay “well”. It’s crucial to fit in smart fitness, health, and nutrition solutions into your lifestyle – for anyone of any age. Degeneration with age is actually minimal; While, degeneration with inactivity is immense.
How you move and fuel your body influences how you think, feel and perform. Also, sleep and stress levels play major roles. These things affect the chemistry of your body in more ways than you can imagine.
Lots of executives and leaders blame long work-hours, having to eat-on-the-run, stress and being out-of-town often.
I’d recommend they prioritise their health too. Health is your true wealth (so the saying goes). If they don’t prioritise healthy living solutions,  it can lead to alarming consequences.
A lack of exercise, too much food and chronic stress can snowball. These issues can spiral out-of-control fast into issues like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, cancer, and even death.
Let me put hypertension – a silent killer often with no warning signs – under the microscope for an example. Uncontrolled hypertension adds to the workload of the heart, resulting in it weakening. Leave this unchecked and things can get serious. Some issues include a risk of reduced eyesight, a heart attack, stroke, or even death.
Now, let’s look at obesity, which is an epidemic.
We focus often on the aesthetics and forget about the unseen damage like:
Excessive joint stress (which can lead to painful arthritis).
Ramped up blood pressure (which can harm your heart).
Sleep apnea (which affects clarity for work and everyday life).
Low respiratory function (which affects how you live every moment of every day).
Self-confidence can plunge (which can spiral into serious mental health issues like depression which is another epidemic).
Lastly, obesity can lead to health issues like cardiovascular issues, diabetes, arthritis, cancers and many more health problems…
I teach a yin/de-stress style of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.. I’ve worked with executives, lawyers, partners in firms to entrepreneurs, teachers, chiropractors to mums. I teach them how to use quick techniques to calm their nervous system (these tools are science-proven). I also educate them with wellness wisdom every session!
Through my work as a magazine wellness columnist, I’ve interviewed lots of top experts globally. I’ve interviewed researchers, professors, wellness gurus, nutritionists, neuroscientists, psychologists, to happiness researchers. I’ve also interviewed and met lots of wellness gurus too in NZ. I know too the strategies that they use themselves (because these strategies are science-backed).
So, I know what the best minds in “the wellness world” globally are saying about workplace wellness. And I can see where the trends are happening and what some forward-thinking businesses in New Zealand are doing already.
I’m not just a writer, yogi and wellness speaker. I’ve trained as a fitness consultant too and can work with clients to give them fitness plans designed for individuals to help them move more, eat well, feel less stress and to live more healthy and well. My favourite part is finding out an individual’s barriers( to help them overcome them) and then their goals (so I can tailor plans to help them achieve these).
Meanwhile, one of my favourite professors who works in workplace wellness is Jarrod Haar. He’s a professor of human resource management at the Auckland University of Technology.
He says in general that workplace wellness programs still have “a poor to average pick up here in NZ”.
It’s generally more likely that the bigger companies do it better, he says.
“I would say Perpetual Guardian with their 4-day work week (with 5 days’ pay) is the clearest winner at present!” he raves.
He agrees that CEOs can fall into the trap of getting so focused on “being a good leader” that they forget “to be a role model”.
He encourages leaders to rethink their own wellness. It’s important to make time for their own health as well as looking after staff.
He says if they do take time to uplift their wellness then the outcomes are worthwhile.
“It will enhance their own health, that of their staff and build the culture of their firm for sure,” he says.
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