Article by Rachel Grunwell: Award-winning writer. Good magazine’s wellness columnist. Qualified fitness consultant and yoga teacher. Wellness expert often interviewed on radio. Co-leader of health retreats at Rotorua’s Polynesian Spa. Director of the InspiredHealth website.

Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness is a science-backed way to train your brain to live life more in the “calm zone”.

We live in a stressed and hurried-style society. So it can benefit a lot of people to tap into this skill.

It’s a powerful way to de-stress and live a better life. Even corporates are catching on and big firms are employing people to teach their staff this science-backed technique.

Mindfulness is a tool to especially help those who tend to have a “monkey mind”. You know, where your thoughts seem to run wild and never seem to stop.

You can learn how to notice and evaluate what you think and feel. Then it is easier to approach what to do next with a wise and skilful outlook.

So rather than reacting immediately to things, you can learn to consider things better.

Mindfulness is a way to train your brain on how to think differently. It also helps you live life more in the present moment and to be grateful for the little things.

After all, there are few major milestones in life, right? You know, times like when you get engaged, married, have a baby, or get a work promotion.  So using mindfulness helps you to pay more attention and celebrate more of the journey of life. Therefore, it has the power to help raise happiness and gratitude levels “now”.

Ultimately, it can help you to be a nicer person to be around. After all, who likes being around someone who reacts on impulse, is extremely judgmental, criticises constantly and cannot see the bright side of life…

It helps you too with being less harsh on yourself. It can help you with self-love, how to tame your inner critic and be more at ease.

I recommend everyone give it a try. It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, business leader or entrepreneur… anyone can benefit from using mindfulness.

I teach mindfulness at the end of yin-style yoga classes that I lead in Auckland. I practice using mindfulness daily too, of course.

Learn more about mindfulness with me if you want. I co-lead weekend-long Mindful Moments Retreats at Rotorua’s Polynesian Spa.

At these, you get to switch off from your busy life and learn tools to help you bring your body and mind back into balance.

There are three retreats left now in 2018 including:

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Saturday 10th November –  Sunday 11th November

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Relaxation & Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness & Meditation Session

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Yoga Class hosted by Rachel Grunwell

Wellbeing Workshop

Entry to the Deluxe Lake Spa

Morning Tea


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