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Drop excuses.
Conquer fears.
Be your best.
So says humanitarian, speaker, motivator & mum Turia Pitt.
I met Turia in Auckland recently at a Courage and Connection event.

Turia told a room of 500 (almost all women and a few blokes) how she survived a grass fire in Australia. Just. She suffered burns to 65% of her body and died three times on the operating table… But this is not what makes her special, she says. Anyone can have a life changing experience. It’s about reinventing yourself. That’s where she has been courageous, she believes.
“If you have the right mindset you can achieve anything,” she says.
And achieving is where Turia leads the pack. After the fire, she had to learn to stand. Her blistered body was in bandages from head-to-toe. Simply standing was so excruciating that she couldn’t stop crying. Then she slowly learnt to walk. A doctor advised her in hospital that she would never be able to run again. So she set herself a goal to defy this prediction – and exceed it. Slowly, she took it one painful step at a time. Eventually she conquered an ironman triathlon. There were pictures of her in the media when she conquered that goal. She’s smiling at the finish-line. Her hands are high in the air. What a heart-lifting moment and the definition of true courage and hard work.

Turia’s partner stayed by her side throughout the ordeal and they now have a beautiful baby.
Here are 5 of Turia’s key messages to thrive in life:
✨Motivation starts the spark. But consistency gets you there. You have to work hard.
✨ Success looks like it happens overnight. But there’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes.
✨Dream big. Believe big. Back yourself.
✨ Be grateful. “Gratitude was a big part of my healing”, she says.
✨I had the biggest tragedy. But I wanted to turn this into the biggest triumph.
There are powerful lessons in Turia’s story. During her speech, I had tears escaping down my cheeks. I’m pictured above with Turia & my friend Carolyn Enting, editor from Good magazine. I’m the wellness columnist for this magazine which was one of the many proud sponsors.

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