By Rachel Grunwell

Yoga has gone from wu wu to cool.

The mainstream knows now that yoga can bring length back to tight muscles. It helps you move well. But it also sorts your head mess and melts stress away. It’s incredible for your mind.

When you move your body in yoga and focus on your breathing, you can find “calm”. You feel distracted from this fast-paced planet. You can slow down and de-stress.

Here are 3 of my fave yoga tips:

1. Comparison is the thief of joy — Theodore Roosevelt famously said. This couldn’t be more true in yoga. Never look at the person next to you in a class and compare your ability (or lack of this). We all have different bodies.

2. It will take time to learn the art of stillness in shavasana (that part at the end of a yoga class where everyone lays on their backs, eyes closed and dead-like). I know, I used to be such a fidget!

3. Turn up to yoga to learn how to love your body, not because you hate it. Self-love is crucial, sister.

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Rachel Grunwell is a weekly wellness columnist for Good magazine and Indulge magazine (which goes on-line on the Herald). She is a qualified yoga teacher and Personal Trainer (up to level 5 which is university level).

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