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Laughs & lunges for runners… they’re both recommended!
Laugh lots – because life shouldn’t be so darn serious all the time. Don’t run with a face like you are about to get a tax audit, just saying. Life is better when you smile and get in some belly laughs.

If you run, some gentle walking lunges are an amazing way to help you to warm up before a run. It helps to prepare your body for moving well. My run friend Jonathon demonstrates a nice example in the pic above with me.
After a run, you can incorporate static lunge stretches into your routine – to bring length back to tight muscles. Jonathan and I didn’t put our back knee each on the ground in the pic by the way because the ground was all muddy after that particular training run around the Blue and Green lakes. But if you put the back knee down it gives more stretch in the back leg.
As your hips release, you can try sliding the back knee further back. A tip if you are doing this indoors, is to put a yoga mat, or even a towel under your knee for support.
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