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Rachel is a wellness expert & speaker, coach, wellness magazine columnist, a qualified yoga teacher, and the director of the lifestyle website

Do you feel “unfit”, but wish you were “run-fit”? I’ve been on this journey and want to help.

I’m the ambassador for NZ’s most iconic event, the Rotorua Marathon event, which is on May 4, 2019. So, I want to inspire a beginner runner to follow in my footsteps with an epic giveaway.

I’ve teamed up with asics to give away a pair of  their run shoes to one lucky winner to kick-started on their fitness. This person will also get a free entry into the Rotorua Marathon event to enter any distance they like. So, they can choose between the 5km fun run, 10km, half-marathon or full marathon. This will give the lucky winner a run goal to work towards and train for. I’ll be running at the event too and can’t wait to connect to anyone who enters.

You can enter the competition on my social channels. So either the InspiredHealthNZ facebook page  or Instagram

By the way, I’m not an elite runner; I’m a mum who has gone from being an unfit to fit and so I “get” the journey. Running has helped me feel fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. I’m passionate about sharing advice to help others. I’m like most runners: I’m not out there to win. I just want to keep fit and healthy and signing up for an event helps to motivate me to keep fit. I started running only six years ago and back then I did more of a walk/plod with a lot of puffing. I’ve since progressed to being a proud marathoner. So, if I can run, anyone can. Actually, I know anyone can. I’ve since qualified as a coach and I help clients nationwide to lose weight, get fit and feel healthier.
Meanwhile, here are 5 tips for beginner runners:
1.Start your run journey slow and easy. Be kind on your body. Going too fast early on can cause too much stress on your body – and that can make it way less fun.

  1. Get a pair of run shoes that accommodate your foot strike ie how you run and where your feet may, or may not, need support. You should never run in the shoes you walk in either by the way.
  2. Do a short walk/plod/jog 2-3 times weekly to get started. Your body needs time to strengthen to this new sport and this is a good amount to start with.
  3. Get a run coach who specialises in helping beginners, like me. Email me if you want an individualised plan. I can help you get to your goal smarter: [email protected]
  4. Sign up for an event like the Rotorua Marathon event with a mate. You can motivate each other to train for this goal together. It’s a cool strategy to aim towards looking your best this Summer

To find out more about the Rotorua Marathon event. Check out their website. Click HERE