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Visiting Fiji conjures up: Blissing-out on white-sand beaches. Swimming in azure, tropical waters. Devouring mouth-watering paw-paw, pineapple and coconut. And smiling while saying “bula!” to everyone. But there’s more to experience in this paradise too. Writer Rachel Grunwell shares some unique experiences at two top locations.

Stay at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort if you like blending beach-time with adventure. This is a five-star resort on the mainland’s Coral Coast. There’s so much to do here. There are adult only swimming pools or family pools, and five restaurants for casual dining to fine-dining. The nanny service and kids’ club services are a stand-out. There’s a well-equipped gym and tennis courts. Or you can experience a luxurious massage at the Bebe Spa Sanctuary on top of the hill, overlooking the sea, sand and palm trees.

OLF_Bebe Spa Sanctuary_pedicure girls

This place is simply heavenly…

fiji yoga pic

I loved doing a gentle yoga practice at this spa early one morning. Here I’m pictured with the delightful local yogi Vola.

This resort has a great range of accommodation options from standard hotel rooms to spacious beach bures. The latter boasts a butler service which includes champagne and canapes delivered late afternoon and a night-cap and sweet treat in the evening. The butler can even unpack your gear and iron your clothes.

At night, I recommend going to the Kalokalo Bar – at the resort’s highest point. It’s like sitting in an adult tree-house as you sip cocktails and watch the blazing red sunset. The on-site restaurants are all great at this resort by the way. But for a special night out, go to Ivi Restaurant – one of Fiji’s finest award-winning restaurants. The food looks like art here and is simply divine.

This resort is near the new and unique Eco-Trax tour. On this tour, you sit on an electric bike, fixed onto a custom-built trolley which runs on an unused sugarcane railway line. You peddle on the trolley for 11km.

fiji 2 ecotrax

I’m pictured on the Eco-Trax tour here with guide Dolly (in the centre) and Marian Khan (right)

On the journey, you pass through, tropical bush, fields and villages. You ride across bridges and see deserted beaches for miles and slow down to observe an historic church and when you encounter kids, goats, cows and horses. You stop when you reach the private Vunibua Beach (named after the Frangipani tree).

fiji beach

Here you have an hour to saviour this tropical paradise. The water is so warm. This is bliss!

fiji 3 beach

While you swim, the staff prepare refreshments of fresh coconut water and fruits including  pawpaw with a generous squeeze of fresh lime. Check out those sustainable straws – they’re amazing!

fiji coconut

The tour group leader jokes we will have to peddle backwards for 11km to get back to where we started. But, actually, while we were at the beach, they turned the bikes around. The humour from the guides never stops. They are an asset to this awesome tourism experience. You can do this tour at any age. They even have baby seats to accommodate families. You peddle at your own pace; It’s no race. Meanwhile, just a short buggy ride away from the resort, is the Kula Wild Adventure Parkwhich boasts native birds, iguanas, snakes, a beautiful aquarium of fish and coral, a zip rail, water slide and kids water park.

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort:

South Sea Cruisesis popular and affordable transport. Take this between the mainland and Castaway Island.

CASTAWAY_Hero Image_ credit_Matt C Bauer-

Castaway Island is postcard picture-perfect. Thatched, beach-side bures here are the kind you dream about. Here, staff encourage you to get lost. You are here for the look and feel of a true tropical beach experience. There are no signs on site. It’s easy to lose track of time – you know, be in the moment, and let go. The bures have no television, radio or clocks and have black-out curtains to encourage sleeping in. There’s no wifi either unless you are in the main restaurant areas. All the staff, like Lingo Reece, make you feel like you are family. He’s worked here for 30 years. He’s so sweet and funny that he’s likely the reason that a Melbourne couple is on their 11th visit to the island. The return rate for this island is up to 40%. The food is fresh and delicious. If you want to try a special experience then book into the award-winning Restaurant 1808. You dine barefoot in the sand, while the food is delivered art-like from an outdoor kitchen. I declared “I’m in heaven” when my dessert arrived. It was a spice tea (liquored coconut) panacotta. It came in a wreath-shape, with flowers, candy coconut and a strawberry compote. Yes, it was a heavenly dessert along with all the courses that came before it…

fiji dessert
Some stand-out experiences from this Island included a private sunset cruise. We drank champagne and watched the sun set while passing several neighbouring islands. I also loved helping with the island’s reef conservation programme, Ozone. I don gloves and fixed coral cuttings to a structure which is then submerged in the sea.

fiji project

The cuttings re-grow similar to that of a garden cutting. I love that the island cares about environmental initiatives like this. Environmental officer Koli then took us snorkeling to see the success of their coral planting efforts in the resort’s reef. Another  adventure, was an excursion via the resort’s high-speed boat to Modriki Island. This is where the movie ‘Castaway’ featuring Tom Hanks was filmed.

fiji island

We had hours here snorkelling, sunbathing, enjoying  a picnic on the beach and drinking champagne…

Be warned: If you come here, you may never want to return…

Castaway Island:

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