Everyone has different wellbeing goals. Some people want to lose weight or get fit, while others want help to sleep better…

I’ve noticed some people can stay “stuck” in the dreaming phase with their goals. While others take that brave leap to make positive changes. Having a wellness coach is research proven to help.

I love coaching clients. They often come to me feeling confused about where to start. I love breaking it down into an easy plan that fits their lifestyle. It’s so heart-lifting to educate clients so this sets them up so they know what to do long after they leave me. Actually, that’s always the plan: To empower change that’s relatable and sustainable. 

I want to share a client’s inspiring wellbeing story. Not because it’s a radical transformation. What clinical psychologist Lotte Williams achieved is something most people would like to do: Shed 5kg.

When she walked into my office, she knew her goal: “I want to look good in my wedding dress”.

The aim was to lose 5kg, feel more toned and to improve her sleep.

Lotte already has an amazing fitness base as a runner. So she wanted guidance on nutrition and lifestyle factors to feel more in balance. I also helped her with yoga-for-runners stretches for injury-prevention.

After nine-weeks’ coaching, she smashed her goals. She lost 5.8kg.

Lotte shares some things that helped her journey. 

What was the hardest part?

Having a total diet overhaul and reducing sugar (as I have such a sweet tooth).

What helped you on your journey?

Having regular check-ins with Rachel so that I was accountable for the choices I made. Rachel being positive and supportive and giving me new recipe ideas. I realised that I wasn’t eating enough and could actually eat much bigger portions of protein and plants. I found that I can be “balanced” (rather than having an all-or-nothing-style approach. I learnt I could have wine or a slice of cake and still lose weight.

(as long as I made mindful choices for the majority of the time).

What do you love about your wellness journey?

Feeling more confident and happier with how I look. But also finding that my running performance improved. Also remembering how much joy I get from running and any other movement. 

My wedding dress fit perfectly (which was what this journey was originally about). But I intend to continue with making mindful choices with food. I know it has such a big influence on my running performance, mood and how I manage what life throws at me!

What is your advice to others wishing to be fitter or healthier?

Find a way to exercise that you love. Cook food that you enjoy – making healthy choices doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many delicious recipes that are plant-based. And know that you can still eat chocolate and drink wine!

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  • This article originally appeared in Indulge magazine and is on the Herald online too.