Run Mates’ Mistakes: 10 Top Comical Run Stories to Learn From

AD/ By Rachel Grunwell (Rotorua Marathon run ambassador, coach, 25 x marathoner, and a chick who loves to run (mostly to the freezer for ice-cream, or “run away” on run trips with girlfriends shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone)

You can improve your run performance through consistency, speed-work, doing this sport over time, fuelling your body right and getting enough sleep… those kinds of things.

Heck throw in some beetroot powder, blackcurrant powder, hot/cold therapy, compression tights and yin yoga too for good measure if you are really into trying all you can to boost your run performance.

We can also boost our run performance through learning from our run mates’ mistakes. Seriously. Ask your run friends for some anecdotes of their past run failures and it will give you a good list of things not to repeat. Learn form their mistakes! Also, you’ll get a good belly laugh out of the (often cringe-worthy) stories.

I asked some run-inspired girlfriends to weigh in on this topic. So, some of the tips below are from me, while others are from some of my epic run girlfriends. Share some of your own run mistakes in the comments below too to help fellow runners out! Come on, don’t keep your run mistakes to yourself; Share them for others to laugh at – I mean, er learn from…. 🙂

  1. Pin your run number to your t-shirt well ahead of the race – don’t leave it to the second the start gun goes and end up fumbling around for a few minutes trying to sort that basic stuff out! Those few minutes you spent fumbling might be the few precious minutes that your mate beat you in the race by – and it will be your own stupid fault.
  2. Break in any new run gear – and especially shoes – weeks ahead of race day. Otherwise you’ll likely end up swearing over the chaffing. And chaffing can happen everywhere: ankles, feet, toes, under arms, and yes even your ass. And it HURTS! God it hurts. Did I mention how much it HURTS!!!
  3. While we are on the chaffing topic. Use vaseline to stop chaffing on longer runs. Otherwise you WILL whimper when your raw rubbed skin hits the next shower or bath you have – and every shower following for potentially a week later….
  4. Study the course map. It’s hard to get lost, but you should know your turn points in a course. There is nothing worse than running longer than you have to for that medal.
  5. Have a pre-race plan to meet up with a mate if you plan to run together. Otherwise good luck in finding your mate amongst thousands of others! If you are like me… I finally found my run mate in a Rotorua Marathon event just a few kilometres from the finish line one year!! It made for a lonely ¾ of the race. So I learnt my lesson hard! However the “up side” was that at least my mate helped drag me to the finish-line at the end when I needed him most! This mate may, or may not, be the Chief Executive of Rotorua Community Hospice… yea Jonathon still laughs at me over that failed run plan (amongst others)…
  6. Allow plenty of time before the race to account for the loo queue for that last minute wee. You don’t want to be “that person” in the loo queue when the race gun goes. Or worse, have a full bladder while you wince your way through the first few miles and then, finally, spot a loo that has a queue a mile long with others who have made the same run mistake.
  7. Test new energy gels BEFORE race day. Otherwise pooping could be a problem.
  8. Don’t go out running too fast too soon – or you will finish the race crying and crawling. Pace yourself. Plan to run the last kilometres strong and you’ll finish with a smile.
  9. Slow down for race pictures and smile when you see a race camera out on the course (and pretend for a moment you are enjoying the event even if you aren’t!) People who look good in their race pictures have mastered this trick. The rest of us look like we are hunched over crazies with maddened looks glued to our faces. ie NOT pretty (or handsome).
  10. Don’t wear light coloured shorts or tights. They show up mud, (awkward sweat), awkward non-sweat, mud, and if it rains… it looks like awkward non-sweat…
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6 Tips to Boost Your Corrosive Self-Talk

AD/Your Self-Talk Matters – It impacts everything from Weight-Loss, to Anxiety, Depression… to Fuelling Your Success in Sports to your Work…

– Blog By Rachel Grunwell (wellness coach, speaker, & author of Balance: Food, health + Happiness). Rachel co-leads the Mindful Moments retreats at the Polynesian Spa. Book a weekend-long retreat getaway HERE

Connect with Rachel via Instagram: @rachelgrunwell 

Negative self-talk is a trend I witness with many of my wellness coaching clients. It breaks my heart.

My clients are juggling all the balls in the air but still struggle with love for themselves. They lack self-love and often practice negative and damaging self-talk. Their inner dialogue with themselves is mean, unkind and is holding them back from their true potential.

They see themselves through a lens of “not enough”. Not pretty enough, slim enough, smart enough, fit enough, or good enough. They feel guilty about taking “me time” to uplift their health. They feel like “me time” steals time away from giving more to others.

I tell my clients: You are enough. You are worthy. You are special. You are beautiful. You deserve to be seen, heard, and loved. It’s okay to nurture yourself, your health and look after yourself. You matter too. You deserve the chance to chase after your dreams, goal-crush and be the best version of you. The only one holding you back is “you”. If you look after “you” then you can give even more back to others you love, I promise”….

I advise my clients to practice self-love if they want to be successful in this one, precious, short life. You must talk to yourself in a similar way that you’d talk to your best friend or a child. – with tenderness, compassion, kindness, understanding and love. Otherwise, you’ll stay “stuck”.

How you speak to yourself fuels how you feel on the inside. It can have a ripple effect too with others. And those beliefs that you have inside your head can influence how you behave. You need self-love for kick-ass confidence in the world and to move forwards.

If your self-talk is negative and said out loud then the impact can be even more corrosive. If you say you are stupid and then your child hears this and copies your role-modelling… it will feel devastating to hear them repeat those words about themselves.

Positive self-talk can impact on your success on uplifting your health. An example of positive self-talk might sound like: “I’m tired today and so I won’t make it out for a run today and that’s okay. Tomorrow I’ll go and move my body and keep trying my best. I deserve this healthy me-time”. This positive self-talk is more likely to lead to more positive healthy behaviours.

This is rather than saying something negative like: “I’m not going running today because I’m useless and I may as well give up now…” 

The latter sentence will likely result in future fitness inaction.

My dream is to help more women believe in themselves and so they can goal-crush. I’d like to inspire everyone to help to stop this unhealthy cycle of negative self-talk. We need to fuel a culture of self-acceptance, worthiness, self-compassion, and self-love instead. We need a nurturing self-talk revolution.

Critical to living a wholehearted, authentic and full life is loving ourselves, writes Brene Brown in her book ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’. Positive self-talk is a key to leaving dark thoughts and to living more in the light.

Being kind with our self-talk is also all about helping us to move forwards, feel resilient and live

more vibrantly alive.

Tips for more positive Self-Talk: 

1. Use a ritual daily to practice a self-love mantra that helps you to change your self-talk dialogue. For instance, one of my girlfriends Cristina tells herself out loud 

“I am beautiful” daily while she puts on her moisturiser in front of the mirror. 

While she massages in the cream, she says these kind words to herself. This is instead of things like “I shouldn’t have drunk wine last night or stayed up so late and that’s why I look tired”…

2. Embrace your imperfections – and realise this takes time and commitment. These are things that make you look beautiful and look like “you”.

3. Make a conscious choice to believe in yourself and say positive things out loud. Let kids hear you speak these kind, positive, uplifting mantras.

4. Set boundaries. Say no to things you don’t want to do – otherwise if you say “yes” you feel resentment later. A no for someone else, is a “yes” for your soul health.

5. Find something that calms your nervous system. I personally use yoga, mediation, and I savour my cup of coffee mindfully daily where I pause and feel gratitude for the upcoming day. If I feel really anxious then I reach out to uplifting friends, or go for a walk (which in my book Balance explains how this calms anxiety).

6. Take time to do things you love to do. Practice being playful. These things can boost your mood and confidence.

  • This is a sponsored post by the Polynesian Spa. Rachel is an ambassador for the spa complex where she co-leads the Mindful Moments retreats.

3-Layer Wholefoods Caramel Slice

AD/The slice is full of wholefoods and the star ingredients are raw cashews and brown rice syrup from Bin Inn Stonefields.

Feel free to improvise on the ingredients. I love it when my followers tell me they reckon it tastes better with a tweak!

Layer 1

3 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)

1/3 cup rice malt syrup

2 cups of raw cashews 

Teaspoon of cinnamon 

Grind of salt

Put the ingredients into a blender and combine. Tip: Put the ingredients into the blender in this order so the liquid ingredients are on the bottom which helps with blending. Then put this mixture into a lined tin. Pop it into the freezer while you do the next layer.

Layer 2

250ml of coconut cream

1/3 cup rice malt syrup

¾ coconut oil, melted

1/3 cup cacao butter, melted (if it is in small pieces then don’t worry about melting it as it will melt into the mixture quickly and blend, no problem)

2 tablespoons tahini

Grind of salt

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste

1 cup raw cashews

2.5 cups of dates, pips removed (soften these in water 5 mins prior if they are not medjool dates and from a supermarket packet. Ps both taste good!

Place the liquid ingredients into the blender first – and then add the rest. Blitz until combined. Pour this onto the first layer and then pop into the freezer while you do the next layer.

Layer 3

¼ cup maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla paste

¼ cup maple syrup 

9 tablespoons water

100g cacao butter, melted

Grind of salt

¾  cup raw cashews

Mix in the blender and then pour this onto the slice. Pop it back into the freezer and then bring it out a few minutes before you want to serve it (so it’s a little easier to cut).

·     This recipe was sponsored by Bin Inn Stonefields 

Recipe by Rachel Grunwell: Wellness expert + speaker, author of the book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness, healthy recipe creator for Good Magazine, and proud ambassador for Bin Inn (stores nationwide that sell wholefoods, organics, and specialty foods like keto, dairy-free and allergen-free products etc).

10 Tips to Fuel Your Run Game

By Rachel Grunwell – Rotorua Marathon Ambassador, Coach, 25 X Marathoner, and Author of the book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness

Sign up for the Rotorua Marathon event on May 7 by clicking HERE

Running more miles is not the only way to uplift your run performance. Lifestyle factors can play a big part. Here are 10 tips to fuel your run performance. Choose one idea and incorporate it and see how you feel!

  1. Consider cutting back on your alcohol intake while training for an event. Alcohol can impact on your performance, energy levels and even impact sleep quality (which helps you to perform at your best). I’m personally all about “balance”. I have some drinks socially and savour them. But I know how drinking the night before a run can feel (it’s not pretty!) and so I’m keen to avoid that  personally! Alcohol impacts everyone differently. So ask yourself if you could pull back on this to help you power forward with your run game too.
  2. Adopt a sleep routine. Like babies, we can really benefit from sleeping enough hours daily (7.5 hours roughly for adults and even more sleep is required for kids and elite athletes). Sleep is when you repair, rest, and essentially get stronger. My sleep routine is a bath to help me wind down before bed-time and I always turn the lights out by 10pm so I can aim to sleep like a baby (and train like a beast at 6am)!
  3. Eat beetroot or drink it in a juice. The raw veg isn’t king either – the freeze-dried powder in packets is just as good (and sometimes actually better)! Beetroot has nitrates which gets converted to nitric oxide in your body. This relaxes blood vessels and can lead to lowering your blood pressure. You can grate it in salads or chop it up and put it in a blender to make a juice. Here’s a recipe I show you how to make on a vid. Click HERE.
  4. Master your mindset. What the mind believes, the mind can achieve. Look, everyone is in “the hurt locker” during any event – even the elite athletes (who are obviously running faster than most of us, of course)! What drives your stride to keep powering on… is down to your mindset. Stay strong, confident, stick in there and just keep going. You can do this.
  5. Eat more greens. Eat all colours of the rainbow in fact. These contain micronutrients and help to fill you up, keep you healthy and are a key to good weight management.
  6. Lose a few kilograms if you are overweight. If you are lighter then you can run stronger and faster!
  7. Eat enough protein so you can maintain the muscle you build when you run (which is metabolism-boosting). The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations are 1.4-5g per kg of body weight. But I personally have 1.6-2.2g per kilo of body weight (as recommended to me by a professor and dietitian in NZ).
  8. Get a coach to help you train to your highest potential (and help you avoid getting injured). Having a coach gets you to your goals smarter and faster.
  9. Use meditation and yoga to calm your nervous system so you can perform at your best. Yoga helps bring length back to tight run muscles. Meditation is research-backed to help you chill out and feel more relaxed and recharged.
  10. Sign up for an event to keep you motivated towards your run goal. This scares you into action and gives you a deadline to aim for to keep accountable! Also, follow other runners on instagram. ie I follow the things like #rotoruamarathon #nzrunners etc on instagram, I’m on strava and I love finding other fellow runners to get Inspo and feel connected to this epic cool community. Find more of your tribe too. It helps keep you excited about running!

How Stress Stuffs Up Your Run Performance + 3 Top Tips to Manage Stress

By Rachel Grunwell

(AD) Stress can stuff up your run performance. Too much stress can also increase your tiredness and fatigue and leave you with poor cognitive (thinking) ability. Hello fuzzy brain!

Some stress is normal in every day life. It helps you to get tasks done. But when you get overly stressed for long periods it can lead to burn out over time, poor sleep quality and put you into a real “run funk”. Stress also leads to elevated cortisol which decreases muscle mass – and muscle mass is handy to hang onto as a runner because this helps you to be strong when trying to power up hills! And the Rotorua Marathon event does have a few hills…

In simple speak, too much stress slows your run journey down. So here are some tips to manage stress…

5 Tips to Manage Stress

  1. Sleep well to feel at your optimum and have the energy to run well. Get 7.5 hours-8 hours nightly. Kids need more sleep and highly active individuals and athletes can benefit from even more than the standard hours of sleep. Sleep helps your with having sharper concentration, more energy, improves your memory, improves muscle regeneration, is good for your immune system and also increases your ability to manage stress! Sleep is a free recovery tool to optimise your performance. Sleep deprivation can also exhaust you faster, Getting less than eight hours’ sleep can also increase the likelihood of injury. So sleep like a baby, so you can run like a beast! ps 10pm-2am is the golden hour for sleep. So tuck up tight early on.
  2. Try having tart cherry juice (about 50ml) before bed to help you sleep after a hard and long training run. These berries pack a punch of antioxidant power, which supports joint mobility and helps protect your body from free radical damage. The berries also contain Vitamin A and beta carotene. There is research too that claims. the juice enhances immune system function, has a potent anti inflammatory effect and may increase melatonin levels to help people sleep well…. So it’s worth a try….
  3. Stretch or do yoga for 20-minutes to wind down and feel more in balance in your body and mind. While you stretch, use diaphragmatic breathing (deep belly breathing) which helps to calm your nervous system. Meditation is an element of yoga and helpful too for feeling happier. If you are new to trying meditation, then just do it for one minute. Here is a one minute meditation to try via my instagram page that’s easy, quick and I hope it helps your to unwind. Click HERE

This post was sponsored by the Rotorua Marathon event, which is being held on May 7, 2022. To enter a distance (full marathon, red stag timber half marathon, Go Media 10km or 5.5km) ENTER HERE

Rachel is the Rotorua Marathon ambassador (she has run 25 marathons including the Rotorua Marathon event five times). She is a wellness expert, and qualified coach. She’s the proud author too of the book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness which is full of lots of running, nutrition and wellness advice.

One Minute Meditation

Find a cosy spot, sit or lay down, close your eyes… & let me guide you through this one minute meditation, which can help to calm your nervous system. – Rachel x Click HERE

Lemon Cheesecake in a Jar – made using an Instant Pot!

By Rachel Grunwell

(AD) The lemon layer in this dessert is so zingy and yum and it’s made quickly and easily in an Instant Pot – using the pressure cooking function. Meanwhile, I use the Instant Pot’s dehydrate function to make the lemon garnish too.


Bottom Layer:

½ cup raw almonds

½ cup coconut

5 dates

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Middle Layer:

1 cup lemon juice fresh

3 eggs (separate egg whites from egg yolkes)

1 cup sugar

1 tsp lemon zest

4 tbsp butter (at room temp)

Top layers

½ cup plain unsweetened yoghurt

Whipped cream

Optional garnish – slices of fresh lemon. Mint leaves.

Method: Place all the bottom layer ingredients into a blender (I use a Vitamix) and blend. Place this evenly in the bottom of two jars.

Then to make the Middle layer…

  1. Whisk egg whites until fluffy. Set aside.
  2. Place egg yolks, sugar, butter, lemon zest and juice in another bowl and mix until smooth.
  3. Add the egg whites and fold into the mixture.
  4. Place this into a heat protected glass bowl, cover with foil.
  5. Place a trivet in the Instant Pot and add 1 ½ cups of water.
  6. Put the glass container on the trivet and close the lid until it locks shut.
  7. Cook for 7 minutes on high pressure.
  8. When finished, wait for a natural pressure release.
  9. Take it out and let it cool.
  10. Next add this middle layer mixture to the jars as high up in the jar as you like this intensely lemony zingy layer.

For the next layer, add 1 cup of the middle layer and a cup of yoghurt together and mix. Once blended, add this layer to the jar next.

For the top, whip some cream and spoon it on top.

Slice lemon and put it in the Instant Pot. Dehydrate it for 8 hours. Pick fresh mint from the garden if you have it and this adds that wow factor if you want it. Alternatively, dehydrate some raspberries – the mix of lemon and raspberries is AMAZING. Good luck in not eating all the raspberries. They taste incredible and rich in flavour when dehydrated. They’re such an amazing snack all on their own.

This recipe was kindly sponsored by Instant Pot. Buy one now on Kitchen Nook – and if you sign up to their mailing list you can get 15% off your first purchase!

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Rachel Grunwell is a recipe creator, wellness coach, yoga + meditation teacher and author of the book Balance: Food, health _+ Happiness.

5 Wellness Tips

Re-Set Your Body, Mind & Soul – & Find Your “Why”

with Rachel Grunwell

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There are many pieces to the puzzle with feeling healthy and happy.

Most people who yearn to improve their wellbeing often turn to the gym first.

That’s a great start. Fitness is a prescription for wellness. If we incorporate movement, it fuels our wellness. It doesn’t matter what kind of fitness activity you prefer. Move your body in a way that interests you. That way you are more likely to turn up more often. Remember any action repeated often can eventually become a “lifestyle”. If you struggle with self-motivation, get good advice form a good personal trainer. They can provide you with support and knowledge to get started. There are also some cool ways they can share to help fitness stick.

There are other important aspects to improving your wellbeing. It’s not only movement – or what I call the “body work”… The “mind work” matters even more.

I co-lead the Mindful Moments Retreats at Rtoorua’s Polynesian Spa. Here, I share wellness wisdom to inspire a healthy and happy lifefstyle. I also help to guide yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions. It’s a chance for Kiwis to switch off from their busy life for a weekend to rejuvenate. The aim is for each person is to bring their mind, body and spirit back into balance.

Below are some wellness tips that I share with retreat-goers. Choose one or two to focus on that resonates with you to help you kick off your own health journey now.

  1. Ask yourself ‘why do I wish to improve my health?’ 

Connect to your strongest driver to help with motivation to change a habit. This is so when you have inevitable tough days – and want to give up – you can remember reason the behind “why” you do this. For example, you may choose to quit smoking. Your “why” might be so you are able to be healthier and live longer for the sake of your kids. So, thinking of your kids can be a powerful reminder when you want to abandon this health change. Realizing some days are going to be tough too is important. Pain is part of the process. So stick with the ups and downs. Remember to focus on the emotion behind the health change for your kids. Then this might overrule the emotional urge to regress.

2. Are you keen to cut back on your alcohol consumption? Then ask yourself: ‘Am I a mindful drinker?’ 

As a society, we are generally programmed to drink alcohol at all kinds of celebrations. We hear that it can help us de-stress. We can also drink to be social. Next time you are offered an alcoholic drink, ask yourself “why” you are saying yes. If it’s a “yes” because you want to drink it and enjoy it, then do that. Savour it. I believe in balance of all things by the way, not perfectionism. I too enjoy a glass of wine sometimes and eat chocolate.

But, if you are saying “yes” only because you are worried about offending someone, then have the courage to say “no thanks”. It’s your choice, always. There are lots of low-alcohol, or zero alcohol, options on the market these days. So opt for something else instead. Another trick is to drink a glass of water as your second drink – to help slow down alcohol consumption.

3. Consider planning healthy meals and making these ahead of time. If you are in a rush, then there’s more chance that you could eat something unhealthy on-the-run. Eat more leafy greens too at every meal to uplift your mood. You can even eat greens at breakfast in a smoothie or add some to scrambled eggs on toast. Check out my book Balance for 30 nourishing recipes. I recommend the ‘Oh Goodness Green Cleanse’ which is beautifully plant-powered.

4. Take time to unwind in a way that helps you to find that sense of “calm” in your life. We live in a hurried world which puts our bodies in fight-or-flight mode. We are stressed and anxious in this mode and it’s not ideal either for digesting food and keeping the weight off. So find your “pause button”. Read a book at night instead of looking at your mobile phone. I love to light a candle at night, drink medicinal grade tea that has calming powers like camomile. I often read some pages from a book before bed-time too to help me wind down. Lavender oil on my wrists at night is also a ritual I adore.

5. If you are an over-thinker or often get anxious, then re-learn how to manage your thoughts. Know that there are moments in every day that will be testing. This is normal. But the pressure you are under is likely almost entirely perceived. So choose to approach these tough moments with a renewed sense of calm. Know these thoughts will come, but that they too will pass. Be aware to make the distinction between what is true, and what you might be over-analysing. If there’s no firm evidence, then don’t let your mind progress to those unhealthy thoughts. I can recommend a great book around this topic called ‘Loving What Is’ by Byron Katie. This book can arm you with tools on how to alter your perspective to live a more positive and happy life.

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Raw Caramel Choc Slice

(AD) This caramel slice is mouth-watering amazing! Better still, it’s full of whole food ingredients that are good for you! Here’s the recipe. If you make this, please let me know what you think! x x

Raw Caramel Choc Slice  


Base layer:

¼ cup coconut oil (melt this if it isn’t in a liquid form)

¼ cup rice malt syrup (alternatively you can use maple syrup)

½ cup raw cashews

½ cup oats

½ teaspoon cinnamon

Three grinds of sea salt

Optional: Include 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder of your choice if you want an extra protein boost in this recipe.

Caramel layer

1 cup coconut cream

1 cup dates

½ teaspoon cinnamon 

½ teaspoon vanilla bean powder

3 grinds of sea salt

Top layer

½ block of dark chocolate (to keep the recipe vegan, just choose a dark vegan chocolate instead)


Base layer 

Line a square tin with baking paper. The first ingredients to go into the Vitamix include the melted coconut oil and rice malt syrup (this is so it blends easily). Next put in the cashews, oats, cinnamon and salt. Then add the protein powder if you want to include that. Blend in the Vitamix until smooth and then put the mixture in to the lined tin. Place this into the freezer to chill for a short time while you make the next layer.

Caramel layer:

Place the coconut cream into the Vitamix first so it blends well. Next place the dates, cinnamon, vanilla bean powder, and sea salt into the blender and blend this until it’s creamy and smooth. This layer tastes so good it’s easy to eat this directly from the spoon! But resist the temptation to do that and put this layer immediately on top of the base layer. Put this back into the freezer for a short while when doing the next layer.

Top layer:

Put a big pan on the stove full of 2cm of water and boil. Then place a glass bowl into the centre and next place the chocolate in this bowl. The water heats the chocolate without burning it. This is called a bain-marie. When the chocolate is melted, spoon it out on top of the caramel layer. This hardens quite quickly, and I’d recommend getting a large knife at this point to cut it into slabs or squares before the chocolate fully hardens and can be harder to cut. Now put the cut-up slice into a plastic box and into the freezer. Pull out a piece of the slice whenever you feel like one!

Hack 1: Buy the broken-up pieces of cashews at your local bulk buy store. They are so much cheaper! The nuts are going to be blitzed in the Vitamix anyway and so it makes sense to save cents here! Actually, you can save a lot of dollars.I got a 1kg bag of cashew pieces for $15.50 (more than enough for this recipe and with lots of leftovers. While a 1kg bag of whole cashews cost over $10 more – at $25.80.

Hack 2: Keep leftover nuts in the freezer. They last a lot longer and keep their freshness better. 

This post was kindly sponsored by Vitamix. To buy one of these epic machines, get them through Kitchen Nook #sponsoredpost #vitamixnz

Rachel is a wellness speaker and the author of Balance: Food, Health + Happiness

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Sit, pause, be in the moment…

Rachel Grunwell plank yoga pose

We tend to know how to re-charge our batteries, but not ourselves.

I want to inspire you do these simple things to relinquish stress:




Find space for thoughts, and the people you love.

Be in the moment. You know, just “be”.

Live more in balance.

Have gratitude for the beauty of what you have in the present.

Do things that you love, & that make you feel alive.

Forgive yourself and others. This gives YOU the freedom to move forwards too.

Choose to be brave, dream big ad live life fully. I beg you not to waste years feeling stuck. Open your mind and be willing to see and learn from others much wiser than you. Be teachable. Always.

Choose. To. Live. Love. And laugh.

Stress is a choice. There are other ways to look at the world without compromising your immune system.

  • Rachel is a yoga + meditation teacher in Auckland. You can find her book Balance HERE