NZ’s Best Milkshake Competition

smoothie bowl

Pictured: Rachel Grunwell, left, and Niki Bezzant, right, with their ‘choc berry smoothie bowl’.

By Rachel Grunwell

The hunt is on for New Zealand’s Best Milkshake.

The competition was officially launched this week by Anchor and they’re encouraging cafes, petrol stations, dairies and food-stores to enter their best blend!

Judge Nici Wickes will tour the country in March to taste the top four voted milkshakes. She’s looking for great texture, uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, and, of course, a delicious taste. I wonder who will be the cream of the crop? 

To launch the competition, I was among a dozen media, sports and TV personalities invited to Tom Tom Bar and Eatery in Auckland to create our own unique blends.

I teamed up with Niki Bezzant, from the Healthy Food Guide, and we did a “healthy twist” on a “milkshake”. We created a Choc and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl. These were really trendy in hip cafes I visited in Hawaii and Sydney this year (I was in these countries for wellbeing feature writing assignments).

I love the smoothie we created because it looks good, tastes great, but ultimately it’s full of nutrient-rich ingredients.

Here’s the recipe: Put 1 Cup Strawberries, 1/2 Cup Anchor Milk, 1 Frozen Banana into a blender for the “pink” half of the bowl.

For the chocolate side, blend 1 Frozen Banana, Half an Avocado, 1/2 Cup of Anchor Milk, 1 Tablespoon of Cacao Powder, a Drizzle of Maple Syrup. Blend these ingredients. To look all fancy-pants, I topped the smoothie with cacao nibs, strawberries and edible flowers.

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ecostore Christmas party with a difference


Christmas Party           20151123_195856


By Rachel Grunwell

Wellbeing columnist

This Christmas party was a tad different!

No focus on guests getting blind-drunk, but rather “blind”. But just for several minutes – and for an inspired reason.

And yes, I am blind-folded in the picture beside Malcolm Rands – the legendary Kiwi entrepreneur, who along with wife Melanie, created the pioneering global brand ecostore – an award-winning company that makes household and beauty products containing “no nasties”.

The pic was taken at the ecostore Christmas party at which yoga teacher Nikki Ralston guided a roomful of guests, under blindfold, on a mindfulness exercise. She asked us to tap into our “heightened senses”.

Taking away one sense (sight), heightened our hearing to listen to Ralston’s message: to have more gratitude and notice more in life. She wanted us to notice more, and “be more” to others.

It was a time to be mindful for that moment right then, but importantly for “all” the moments going forwards. It’s important for our wellbeing to be mindful of how we live and how we are to others.

I guess being mindful was an apt theme too. Rands is extremely mindful in business and cares about the wellbeing of New Zealanders. All ecostore products are plant and mineral based and are safe to use.

Meanwhile, the event did end with a lovely dinner with wine (or fresh organic beetroot/or green juice).

Ultimately, instead of guests getting a hangover for this “do”. We instead left with our eyes wide open on being more mindful on how we live and how we are to others. It’s a great Christmas message…

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Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Icing

carrot cake + Chelsea Raw Sugar

Here’s my Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Icing !

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By Rachel Grunwell

Here’s a recipe for Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Icing that I created, which tastes really good.

1.5 Cups of Brown Rice Flour
½ Cup of Coconut Flour
½ Cup of Potato Flour
2 Tablespoons of Ground Chia 
2 Teaspoons of Baking Soda
3 Teaspoons of Ground Cinnamon
Pinch of salt
4 Eggs
1 Cup of Raw Sugar
½ Cup of Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla
5 Grated Carrots (peeled and grated)
½ Cup of Raw Walnuts (chopped)
1 Cup “Sour Milk” (mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to 1 cup of milk)

Turn oven to 180-degrees. Put baking paper in a baking tin and spray this with cooking oil. Sift the flours, ground chia, baking soda, cinnamon and salt in a bowl. In another bowl, whisk the eggs, sugar, olive oil, vanilla, carrots and sour milk. Next, combine both bowls of ingredients together and then add the walnuts. Place the mixture in the baking tin and bake for 45-minutes at 180-degrees (or a bit longer if you use a deep baking tin).
Cool on a wire rack and then ice. I used cashew cream icing.
To make the Cashew Cream Icing I just put 1 Cup of raw cashews in a bowl of filtered water for about four hours to soften. I then rinsed them and put the cashews in a blender with just a little fresh filtered water and blitzed them until smooth. I put the cashew “cream” in the fridge to thicken up and then put it into a piping bag (with a swirl tube on the end) and piped this onto the cake (but you could just spread it with a knife more quickly if you wish). I topped with edible flowers and served this up to the chief taste-testers – my kids. Oh and the bloke loved this cake too.

Give this recipe a go!!! It’s delicious and has just the right amount of sweetness. If you make it then please let me know what you think! Eve better send me a pic of your masterpiece so I can go ooooh and ahhhh and we can talk carrot cake!

Top Tips for Glowing & Gorgeous Skin

skin "food"

WIN Dr.Hauschka Skin Care, New Zealand 100% natural skincare including:

* 3x Rose Day Cream 30ml & Facial Toner 30ml packs worth $54 each.
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By Rachel Grunwell

Beauty is an inside job. What you eat, drink and feel affects how your skin shines. A simple thing too like smiling can truly make you “sparkle”; Frown-lines, of course, age you.

To have glowing skin you should try and sleep well, drink 2L of water daily, quit smoking, avoid getting sunburnt and stay away from environmental toxins.

As a qualified yoga teacher, I, of course, will recommend something like this style of exercise! It’s great for stretching and re-balancing the body and mind. It releases tension, and is also wonderful for the soul. Meditation too can help with “letting go” of toxic thoughts and ease a busy mind. It can truly relieve stress and worrying from the face!

Eating “real food” is crucial. The stuff that grows in the ground, on trees, and some quality sources of meat (unless you are vegetarian).

Eat foods like blueberries (a rich source of antioxidants), almonds (for Vitamin E) and avocados (which boast good fats and hydrate the skin).

Vitamin C-rich foods help too (like pomegranates and kiwifruit). Vitamin C increases collagen production, which can help plump up your skin.

Eat foods like fresh oily fish which helps “moisturise” the skin (those wonderful Omega-3s). My favourite oily fish is salmon and I love to order eggs Benedict for breakfast on the weekends. You can source Omega-3 too from the likes of walnuts, which are also a favourite and healthy snack of mine. They’re so portable and great for kids’ lunch-boxes.

I also highly recommend you to care about what you put on the “outside” of skin too. So don’t use products containing “nasties”. That’s why I love Dr. Hauschka’s 100% natural products. I also love how these products smell and feel when they soak into my skin. This beauty range uses medicinal plant extracts and it’s like there’s a garden of blooms bursting out of each beauty product. It’s heavenly.

What I’m loving using right now on my skin is Dr. Hauschka’s Quince Day Cream (which is in the above picture). It’s a light, not oily, and refreshing daily moisturiser.

With quince seed extract, jojoba, apricot and avocado oils, it’s a tool to firm skin. When I apply it, the smell from the tube also makes me smile.

The entire Dr.Hauschka range is certified by BDIH (the seal of approval for ‘certified natural cosmetics’) and NATRUE (the seal of approval for natural and organic cosmetics).

Meanwhile, I love this brand’s mission statement that your skin inherently knows what to do to look after and renew itself. Dr.Hauschka products do not take over these tasks, but just beautifully support your skin to be in balance with its own natural processes.   x x

Rach 02

Rachel Grunwell is a mum, yoga teacher, runner, “wellbeing warrior” and director of NZ’s Inspired Health website (a Kiwi hub for fitness/health & lifestyle inspiration).

(Picture kindly taken by photographer Rebecca Grunwell)

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Don’t diet – detox instead, an expert says…

why detox image
By Rachel Grunwell
The “diet” word is a dirty word. I flinch at the mention of it. It conjures up the thought  of sporadic “starvation” and people being “hangry” (hungry/angry).
Short-term fixes with extreme dietary fads don’t tend to work. Rather adopting a  healthy lifestyle – everyday – is more sustainable.
So what’s the perfect formula? This is an often canvassed question and different experts often have different views.
This week I heard the recommendation to “detox” for “optimum health” from Sandra Clair who spoke in Auckland. She’s a Dunedin-based, but Swiss trained, medical herbalist and medical anthropologist who is completing a PhD in health science at the University of Canterbury. She foundered Artemis, a plant medicine company.
She doesn’t mean detox as popping pills or having meal replacements that promise unrealistic results. What she means by a detox is supporting our main cleansing organs, the liver and the kidneys, by making good health choices.
The liver and kidneys flush out all metabolic wastes that occur when digesting foods/drinks and alcohol. So what’s the best way to support these organs?
Here are some tips:
      1. Don’t collect toxins in the first place.
      2. Buy organic where possible.
      3. Buy cleaning and personal care products with no “nasties”.
      4. Eat fresh healthy foods and consume healthy drinks – and avoid fast food.
      5. Quit smoking.
      6. Avoid heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, environmental oestrogen, volatile organic solvents and radiation… 
Lastly, just some signs you may need a detox include: Sluggishness, difficulty sleeping or getting out of bed, irritability, nausea and skin impurities…

Spring Detox with Wellness Retreats NZ



By Rachel Grunwell

All pictures courtesy of Sarah Alice Photography (except for the above yoga pic)


“You are whole. You are seen. You are more than enough. You are loved”.

These beautiful words are from yoga and mindfulness educator Nikki Ralston, whose voice is soothing my mind to a blissed out place.

I’m among 25 people at a Spring Detox Retreat with Wellness Retreats NZ (held at Ponsonby’s Sapphire Room). So 25 lycra-clad bodies are all laid down, glued to mats. All 50 eyes are closed. Everyone’s breathing is slowed down and our collective nervous systems, respiratory systems and heart rates are calmed.

We’ve just finished a yoga session led by Nikki, blending chakra balancing (with affirmations and essential oils). So we’ve done just a handful of yoga poses (holding each pose for minutes at a time – that’s us in the pic above). We’re letting our bodies unfurl, stretch out, soften and relax.

With each of the yoga poses, we had taken a drop of a different oil (with names like “whisper”) and applied these to different parts of the body throughout the class. The slowing down of this class resulted in my body being light and left my mind feeling lifted and clear. I love long-held yoga poses. It’s not just because I’m a yoga teacher too. It’s also so restorative for my runner’s body (I’m in training for the Auckland Marathon next)!

It’s not just the yoga that’s led me to this float-away space. It’s the culmination of the day-long retreat that’s nourished my mind and body to a fresh place.

The day kicked off with rejuvenating flow yoga led by the host Melissa Carroll (this is her class in action below with clients breathing into the yoga child’s pose).


wellness retreats yoga


Melissa is the brains and beauty behind this business. Her personal journey to overcome chronic/adrenal fatigue led her to create Wellness Retreats NZ. She aims to inspire, motivate, nurture and educate clients to boost their wellbeing.

She gathers different experts to lead hour-long sessions or talks throughout the day retreat. These experts arm retreat-goers with tools to make healthy changes in life. I love this inspired goal.

Each retreat has a different theme, a different mix of speakers – and retreats are held in beautiful locations like Matakana, Waiheke or Ponsonby. Morning tea and lunch are from The Raw Kitchen (so raw healthy foods) and Artemis medicinal teas are on offer throughout the day.

At the Spring Detox Retreat, speakers included Dr Kathleen Wills (a doctor of integrative medicine and an author), Erin O’Hara (a naturopath, medical herbalist and yogi from Golden Yogi), a speaker from Living Nature (a natural skincare and beauty range) and Jenny Hardyment (a Feng Shui enthusiast).

I’m a wellbeing columnist for Fairfax NZ as well as the investing magazine Juno – yet even I learned new tools on this retreat. Here’s a pic of me armed with my writing pen and soaking up all I can! I love being in geek mode…

wellness retreats:holding pen

Anyhow, the experts are rich in knowledge and passionate about their words.

Highlights included Golden Yogi studio owner Erin’s smoothie-making workshop where she explained “the journey through the digestive system”, to the properties of kale and to what happens when you mix blueberries with anything (the colour brown, of course). She’s pictured here with the beautiful long golden hair.

wellness retreats Nikki's class

Her tips were non-stop: “Add protein to smoothies to fill you up”…. “coconut water contains electrolytes”… “”chew food well so you get more nutrients”…. “with skin conditions, look to the digestive system”… “anything high in fat can cause reflux”… Her advice fired at the rate of gun fire. Fast, informative, information and knowledge-loaded. I loved it.

Speaker Kathleen meanwhile reminded us to be kind to others, less harsh, less judgmental (which is something I love about the yogi way, by the way). She also gave us the down-low on hormone health and imbalances and common symptoms.

wellness retreats Dr

Kathleen (the beauty pictured in the green top) talked about oestrogen, testosterone, how to address some health concerns, when to detox (at least once yearly) and, importantly, when not to detox. I loved how she reassured that a detox doesn’t have to be intense. It can mean just cutting down on meat 2-3 times weekly and integrating some healthier habits, for example.

While, The Living Nature expert (this talk is pictured below in the black-and-white pic) scared me off my lipstick and onto theirs…  My jaw dropped when the speaker explained that if you wear lipstick a lot then you will consume 1.2kg of lipstick in your lifetime. Gulp. Literally.

wellness retreats:audience

I seriously questioned what I put on my skin too post this talk. If you put garlic on your feet then 10-minutes later you can taste it in your mouth. So imagine what happens to your makeup. Yeah, you soak that right up too… ew!

So when I heard that Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (often in foaming facial cleansers or body wash) is a chemical also used in industrial cleaning guff this also sent me scrambling through my bathroom cabinet when I got home. It’s a message I need to hammer home to my friends…

So this brand’s argument to “move to a natural approach” was convincing. And the tips for great skin were brill. I soaked those up.  Just not Sodium Lauryl Sulphate any more!

Meanwhile, Jenny’s talk was all about lifting the energy of your home, and life, through the principals of Feng Shui. Her tips were about trying to attract more chi (positive energy) and to deflect “sha” or rather disruptive energy.

She told the audience to “open your eyes to what surrounds you”. She talked about how to soften harsh edges of your home, how decluttering can be good for the mind and energy of a room and she urged us all to go home and “throw away or give away 9 things you don’t need”.

“It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel,” she raved.

She talked about the five elements (fire, earth, metal, wood and water) and how to balance these for more harmony in your environment. I loved her explanation of why we should have plants in our homes:  “It’s living energy”.

Finally, each speaker was just long enough to keep me entertained and happy in my seat. It was a brilliant day and I left feeling inspired.

I’d recommend this retreat. – which is a beautiful day-long escape to rejuvenate.

ps you leave with a bumper goodie bag & then Melissa emails later with a catch-up letter packed too full of discounts from her retreat partners. It’s all part of her incredible caring approach to boost the power of wellness with a wide reach.

 *    *   *   *

Wellness Retreats NZ is holding their next retreat: Vitality Workshops – Retreat for Men & Women, October 4th – The Sapphire Room, Ponsonby Central. For more info check out their site by clicking here.

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10 reasons why runners should do yoga – plus a new ‘yoga for runners’ course in Auckland

rach in cowface pose

Here are the details for my next “Yoga for Runners” course 😉

When: Monday mornings from Sept 28, (6:30-7:25am @ Mt Eden Village Centre, 449 Mt Eden Rd, cnr of Mt Eden Rd & Ngauruhoe St opp. Circus Circus). The 6-week course costs $90 & is ideal recovery from your weekend long run (including a well-deserved stretch-out the day after the Auckland Marathon for those runners taking on that event).

To secure a place contact Rachel via [email protected]

Meanwhile, here are 10 reasons why runners should become yogis:

  1. It can help you to run better. Running and yoga complement each other. 
  2. It can increase your range of mobility. This can be key to preventing too much pressure and wearing down on some areas, which can lead to injuries.
  3. You learn to feel where imbalances, weaknesses and tight spots are in your body so you can work on these at home. 
  4. You’ll discover your core and this helps you keep upright in an event!
  5. It’s good for focus. Train the mind to help you to go further in a race – it’s about will power when you get past the halfway mark.
  6. Yogis are strong. People think it’s all about stretching and looking glam, but yogis have a lot of all-over body strength. 
  7. It improves ankle stability. Everyone wants to avoid rolling their ankles, right? 
  8. It improves proprioception – know where your limbs are in space. Think rock-hopping on off-road races – one slightly misplaced toe and a race can be all over. 
  9. Meditation at the end will help you chill out!
  10. It’s fun!

New book gives tips on how to improve children’s health

Children's Health A to ZDr Leila Masson


By Rachel Grunwell

A family’s wellbeing can be improved very quickly in lots of ways.

So says Dr Leila Masson, a leading paediatrician and public health specialist interested in disease prevention (she’s also a mum of two boys). She has just released a book – Children’s Health, A to Z for New Zealand Parents.

She spoke about the book and how to improve kids’ health at a function at Ecostore recently and below I’ve listed 11 of her great tips. 

The book also boasts quick and healthy family meal ideas, advice on how to support ill children if they get a list of ailments… to advice on how to know when exactly to seek medical advice.

Malcolm Rands, co-founder of Ecostore – a business of non-toxic household products – backs the book and says it would be useful in every Kiwi home. He commented that he wishes he had this expert knowledge at-hand when his children were little.

Here are 11 of Dr Leila Masson’s tips:

  1. Own a dog. Children who grow up with one have less allergies.
  2. Camomile teabags can be useful to have at hand. Make a cup of tea and then leave it cool it and then give it to a child who feels anxious or can’t sleep. A teabag left to cool for a while too can also be used on eye infections to bring down inflammation.
  3. Serve less meat for kids meals – because too much of it can lead to constipation and in the long run heart disease and cancer. A dinner plate should be half full of veggies, ¼ full of whole-grains like brown rice and then a small piece of meat (lean meat or something like chickpeas).
  4. Buy organic if you can. But if it’s too expensive to buy everything organic then prioritise which organic items you buy in order to get the best health benefits. An example is it’s okay to eat non-organic bananas, pumpkin and avocados for instance because you remove the skin before eating them. While organic apples should be a priority for kids as they eat a lot of these and eat the fruit’s skin.
  5. Turn off all screens two hours before sleeping (for adults as well as kids). The blue light from mobile phones for example “interferes” with melatonin levels and this can affect sleep. Don’t even give kids aged under 3 any technology devices as it does nothing for their brain.
  6. Send kids outdoors for at least an hour daily. This gets them moving and gives exposure to sunshine. The sun’s rays are good for Vitamin D levels, strong bones and this helps modulate the immune system (and fight those nasty colds).
  7. Take off your shoes when you walk in the home. Shoes pick up pesticides, dog poo and other nasties. This is especially important if you have a young child as they can touch floors and then put their hands in their mouth.
  8. Get rid of old mattresses (buy cotton ones or natural latex if you can). Old mattresses leak toxins and you spend a lot of time in bed and so this can mean you are exposed to these toxins for a lot of hours.
  9.  Buy eco-friendly household cleaners and products for your skin. Your skin can absorb these chemicals.
  10. Don’t buy plastic toys, food containers and bottles. BPA can be in a lot of them, which is a chemical that can have possible negative health effects on the brain, behaviour and glands etc
  11.  If you have a virus then believe in the benefits of sipping hot water with a teaspoon of Manuka honey with fresh lemon. “It will help you get better,” she says.

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Golden Yogi Beachside studio opens in Takapuna

erin and carly

By Rachel Grunwell

Congrats Golden Yogi ! What a gorgeous, light and bright studio you have. Takapuna peeps are so lucky to have this incredible studio on their doorstep (can your next studio come to Mt Eden, near my house, please!!) Golden Yogi founder Erin O’Hara (the girl with the golden long locks pictured on the right in the above pic) is an inspired and experienced teacher whose passion is with Kundalini yoga. But there are all types of styles of yoga on offer here including vinyasa, yin, pregnancy classes to kids sessions and even meditations on the timetable. There are also top facilities (luxury bathroom!) and you can enjoy delicious drinks that are organic to raw-food inspired (LOVE The Raw Kitchen treats and amazing organic teas here!) or you can book a naturopathy session on-site… and so much more!

At the studio opening, Erin took a gorgeous class with breathe work, gentle movement, chanting and meditation. This left me feeling lighter and happier. That’s the test for yoga, Erin says: “Notice how a practice make you feel”.

Pictured on the left in the above pic is TV & radio journo Carly Flynn, who describes the studio as “one of my happy places”. Carly  loves to spend time with the inspirational teachers through this studio. We are both fellow journalists (and we once worked together a few moons ago!) We had a giggle about our shared love of words and now shared passion for yoga. Perhaps all writers should do yoga; it’s brilliant for de-stressing! Actually everyone should try yoga (and they should do it at Golden Yogi, of course). You will feel lighter on your feet and fuller in your heart. However, I would say this, I teach yoga too (just a different style – my passion is with working with athletes who wish to re-balance their bodies in order to try and avoid injuries. 😉

Meanwhile, Erin hopes that people will love her new studio. She says she created it so people “have a pathway to find what they’re looking for” and she hopes it too will “connect people with their truth”.

I’m sure this space will blossom and be loved by this community. Folk will grow, heal and renew here at Golden Yogi’s new place. It’s a golden space.

golden yogi 2

Meanwhile, I just had to get a pic with Sunniva from RAWTILLFOUR – she’s a superstar for creating raw and vegan recipes. Make sure you check out her creations. They all look delicious. It was so lovely to connect with her at the Golden Yogi Beachside studio.



A little star at the event too was Buffy-Ellen’s cute little baby Mila. Buffy-Ellen is the superstar behind BEGOODORGANICS. She’s doing great things in the health-food inspired world. So make sure you check out her great recipes.

The Raw Kitchen

Here’s a dessert from The Raw Kitchen which was on offer at Golden Yogi Beachside. I think I went to heaven after trying one of these treats!!! I think this has started a new love affair.  (ps I run so I can eat sweet treats!)

Meanwhile, to find out more about Golden Yogi Beachside click here.



‘Choc Cupcakes + Coconut Cream & Orange Icing (with less sugar calories)

cupcake Biggie

By Rachel Grunwell

Here’s my recipe for ‘Choc Cupcakes + Coconut Cream & Orange Icing (with less sugar calories):

These are kick-ass delicious. Promise! The secret is hidden in the topping which is quite frankly heavenly stuff. I add orange juice and orange zest to mine, but you can keep the icing plain too if you like. This is equally scrummy! The recipe is so easy to whip up,  yet so creamy and yum that it melts in your mouth. I make the coconut cream often all on its own and keep it in the fridge and pair it up with fresh berries too sometimes.


Finn with cupcakes

Choc Cupcakes + Coconut Cream & Orange Icing (with less sugar calories):


250g Butter

1.5 cups coconut sugar

3 Eggs

2 Teaspoons Baking Powder

1.5 Cups Flour (to make the recipe gluten-free use 1 Cup Rice Flour, 1/2 Cup Potato Flour and 1.2 Teaspoons of Xanthum Gum… however the gluten-free flour makes the muffins firmer than the wheat version recipe)

2 Tablespoons of Cacao

1.5 Cups Milk

1 Teaspoon of Heilala Vanilla


* Place the butter (soften it a little in the microwave if it’s hard) and sugar in a mixer and blend thoroughly.

* Add the eggs and blend one by one.

* In a bowl: Sift the flour, baking powder & cacao together.

* In a cup put the milk and vanilla.

* Add the flour mixture and milk in spurts into the mixer until combined.

* Then spoon the mixture into paper cupcakes and bang in the oven for roughly 12-minutes on 180-degrees.

NOTE: It can take longer to cook the cupcakes depending on how much mixture you put into each cupcake holder… so you decide if you want whopper size, or petite cupcakes!

Here are the ingredients needed in the icing and also a pic of the ingredients ready to go. Excuse the mess with the orange rind there, I’m more Jamie Oliver-style messy rather than Little Miss Perfect ha!

For the Coconut Cream Icing:

Put a can of coconut cream in the fridge for 24-hours. It makes it firm. I then add 2 teaspoons of coconut sugar (finely ground) , juice from ¼ of an orange and 2 Tablespoons of orange zest (grated finely). Put it in a blender to mix. I use a Kenwood Blend X Pro blender, which I just love. I then chuck this cream in an icing piping bag (with a swirly icing tip on the bottom) and pipe the icing on top of the cooled cupcakes in swirls. I then top with coconut chips for that added WOW factor.

Voila. Cupcakes with less sugar and a happy household which laps up a sweet treat for a treat.

  cupcake end






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