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Welcome. The hardest part about starting a wellness journey is actually deciding to start. It requires bravery & courage. It also means you understand how important your health is and well done for prioritising this. The good news is you are one step closer by connecting with me. Most people spend their life wishing and dreaming, but never jump. If you want to lose weight, get fit, sleep better, or learn how to manage stress better… then I can help. I’m not only qualified in this, I’ve also been on this journey myself.  

ps using a wellness coach will help you get to your goal faster (and smarter). Rachel will guide you, educate you, inspire you, and give you small tasks weekly to get you closer each week to your goal. She shares science-backed advice, that’s real, relatable and doable. She avoids  “overwhelm”. She can help you with advice on how to move, eat, think and how to adjust lifestyle factors so you don’t just live, but thrive.. 

Rachel’s wellness journey or coaching tips have featured in M2Woman magazine, the Herald, Newstalk ZB, Good magazine, Good Health magazine, Stuff, Woman’s Day, The Hits radio station, More FM, The Hits, and Coast – among the many outlets.

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10 kilos down in 12 weeks and I truly feel so much lighter. Lighter in body AND mind! Rachel's gentle approach turned out to be just what worked for me. A focus on just one or two changes at a time made it seem far more achievable. I felt I could be wonderfully imperfect for a change. Thank you so much Rach. Now to just sort the summer wardrobe to help me celebrate!
A Mt Eden Mum
Rachel is a remarkable health and fitness coach who combines life experience and practical ideas with a down-to-earth approach that really provided the kick in the butt I needed to get moving (i.e. inspiration) mentally and physically!
- Mark (pictured below)

Run-Well coaching for a beginner runner

You’ll be guided safely from walking to running – and in a way that makes it sustainable and fun! If Rachel can, you can. And she loves sharing how. Rachel will spend time on the phone/or zoom (or in person if you live in Auckland) once a month and then give you an individualised plan for the month. You check in monthly  on your journey and your progress is done mindfully and sustainably.

This package includes:

  • an assessment on goals and fitness, run plan to get started,
  • advice around injury prevention and running well (ie run gait – that’s how you run and what you do with your foot strike and your arms etc to run with more efficiency),
  • run-specific yoga stretches advice to warm up and warm down plus advice about why.
  • A copy of the book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness which includes run inspiration among the broad health and happiness tips from 30 global experts: including advice on how to eat well, move well, think well and live well which all helps with running well!

Consult can be done in person if you are able to come to Rachel’s office in Mt Eden, Auckland, or alternatively via Skype or phone). Rachel has had clients in Dunedin, Hawkes Bay, Auckland, Fiji and Australia – so distance isn’t a problem.


$99 monthly individualised plan (which includes a free copy of the book Balance).

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Run Well 6-months package to get goal-crushing

Lock in for six months to reach a run goal (either to run an event, or just to get a running habit established with coaching and guidance).

Each month, you connect with me in person or via phone or skype for a 30-minute consult on how to progress that fits your individual needs.

I’ll adjust the run plan for the perfect progression for you. Injury-prevention is key.

Working consistently with a coach is proven to get you  closer to your goal smarter and faster – and working with a coach helps you through that stage when motivation starts to fade.

I shares science-backed tips, tricks and run-well secrets and will guide you towards a specific goal you dream of achieving (for some it’s achieving a 10km event and finishing with a smile, while for others it might be ticking off that marathon dream).

You get everything from the one-off run-well package in this package but with this package consults are 30-mins monthly (and Rachel sends an updated plan each month after the consult). The book Balance is includedThis plan sets you up for longer term success as a runner. You’ll achieve more.

Clients get a copy of Balance: Food, Health + Happiness with this plan too.

$450 (which includes a free copy of my book Balance)

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Wellness Coaching

Take the leap to work on that health or fitness goal that you’ve been dreaming of crushing. Rachel does one-on-one, individually-tailored wellness coaching. Do you want to lose weight, get fitter, sleep better, or manage stress better? Or just wish you could live life more in balance but feel confused about where to start? This plan is for you if you want help with all aspects of your health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, wellness and help with your general lifestyle (ie sleep/stress management etc too).

You likely feel overwhelmed about where to start – and so having a coach to guide you on your journey is a smart start. Rachel will give you small steps each week to get you towards your goal in a relatable way. She uses research-backed strategies to get you where you want to be. Stop dreaming, start doing this now!

This is a 12-week plan lock in period to set you up for the best success at achieving your goals. Each week Rachel will guide you onto the next step that is right for you.

First consult includes a questionnaire to be filled out prior. Each weekly catch up is up to 60 minutes.

You’ll get the book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness to refer to which includes 30 global experts on how to live healthier and happier. 

Cost $3500 total (to be paid half at the start and half at the half-way mark (ie six weeks)

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