By Rachel Grunwell

This book is from three holistic-living gals!


Sadie Frost (the mum of actor Jude Law’s children), her sister Holly Robinson and close friend Amber Rose (New Zealand-raised daughter of organic guru Kay Baxter) created this book: Nourish – mind, body & soul.

This is packed full of gorgeous smoothie & juice recipes, nutritious bliss balls and sweet treats made from great ingredients (sprinkled with rose petals even). There are yoga poses and the book is full of wisdom and tips from three female minds who want to help restore you. You’ll even read about some of Frost’s struggles and why she found meditation and how to do several meditations she uses in real life that she promises can still the mind. There’s even guidance on how to follow the breathe.

You’ll love Rose’s delicious food that nourishes, Robinson’s exercises to strengthen and lengthen your body and Frost’s beauty recipes to soothe the skin too or bring back shine to your locks.

If you feel stressed or want some inspiration then this beautiful book has more than a spoonful of fun, tips, ideas and things to, well, nourish…

This book is published by Kyle Books and distributed in NZ by New Holland. Cost: $49.99

Here are a couple of recipes from the book

Poached eggs with Cauliflower Toasts, Kale & Dukkah 

A delicious green smoothie