Rachel Grunwell plank yoga pose

We tend to know how to re-charge our batteries, but not ourselves.

I want to inspire you do these simple things to relinquish stress:




Find space for thoughts, and the people you love.

Be in the moment. You know, just “be”.

Live more in balance.

Have gratitude for the beauty of what you have in the present.

Do things that you love, & that make you feel alive.

Forgive yourself and others. This gives YOU the freedom to move forwards too.

Choose to be brave, dream big ad live life fully. I beg you not to waste years feeling stuck. Open your mind and be willing to see and learn from others much wiser than you. Be teachable. Always.

Choose. To. Live. Love. And laugh.

Stress is a choice. There are other ways to look at the world without compromising your immune system.

  • Rachel is a yoga + meditation teacher in Auckland. You can find her book Balance HERE