By Rachel Grunwell – Yoga + Meditation teacher

I love this meditation to help me feel grounded, more aware and present in “the now”

I share this with yoga students often. It’s a fave.

Sit in a comfortable place and take a few slow breaths. Then notice your senses one by one with these prompts:

See. Firstly notice 5 things you can see. Colours. Textures.

Take a mindful breath.

Touch. Next notice four things you can touch. Notice the feeling.

Take a mindful breath.

Hear. Notice next three things you can hear.

Take a mindful breath.

Smell. What are two things you can smell?

Take a mindful breath.

Taste. What is one thing you can taste/or perhaps one thing you have enjoyed tasting today. It could be your morning coffee…

Now open your eyes and experience full presence.