Yoga Hero Pose – beginner to advanced

Quad goals… This pose stretches your quads (front of your thighs) and ankles. The first pic is the beginner version of the pose. Note: Not everyone can tolerate the internal rotation and so if you feel any strain… just come out of the pose. The advanced version is for those who have done yoga for a while, and have the flexibility. This can take time to ease into… For this pose, hold it for 30 seconds – two mins (depending on how long you have to stretch). Breathe through it. Remember to smile 🙂

advanced hero pose

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yoga blog stretch 2

Article by Rachel Grunwell: Award-winning writer. Magazine wellness columnist for Good magazine, & Indulge magazine (the latter goes on the Herald on-line weekly). Yoga + meditation teacher & PT. Co-leader of the Mindful Moments retreats at Rotorua’s Polynesian Spa.

You need to be able to “move well” before you “run well”.

I teach yoga, and I also love to be on-the-run. I’ve done 19 marathons and so you could call me run-addicted. But I’m no elite, just a real-girl-kinda-runner. Actually, I’m more of a writer who loves to run…. it’s good for de-cluttering my mind.

Here are some yoga stretches to try that I dig…

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