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Confession: I’m a mum so life is not always cool, calm and collected. But this isn’t the case for any parent on the planet, I’m sure.

Then there are those fun hormones to navigate monthly and none of us can control the actions of others which can sometimes be stressful …

But we can control some things in our lives that can keep us uplifted and smiling. The trick is to tap into as much of this stuff as possible.

When coaching clients to achieve their goals (ie. lose weight, get fit and live life more in balance), I inspire them to adopt regular wellbeing rituals too. These rituals can vary depending on the individual and what stuff they dig.

Here are six actions I do often to feel more radiant — and that uplift the corners of my mouth. Consider some things you love and embrace them as regular rituals too.

1. Strength ritual
I start several days of the week doing a CrossFit strength-based workout. Having a strong body helps me to feel stronger in my mind, more empowered and happy. The science behind the exercise high is real. I just ease back on the weights on those days when my body needs less intensity.

2. Girlie-girl ritual
On week days, I often wear a flowing dress, heels and lippy. I love taking pride in my appearance; it makes me feel feminine, or at least helps me look like I’ve got it together! My fave Kiwi brands are clothes by Juliette Hogan, earrings by Zoe and Morgan and beauty products made by Linden Leaves.

3. Bath ritual 
I own one of those old vintage baths with the claw feet. You’ll find me every single night in a tub full of bubbles. My current favourite bubble bath is Linden Leaves’ In Bloom which is infused with chamomile. I immerse myself in fragrant bubbly bliss. Here I’m still, feel relaxed and wind-down before I go to bed.

4. Nourishment ritual
Good food fuels my good mood. I remember the days when I’d scoff a bowl of pasta for lunch and it would send me into a sleep-like state afterwards. So I’ve learned to load up my plate instead with leafy greens, good fats, and eat lots of micronutrients to give me more energy and keep my emotions more level.

5. Music ritual
When I cook dinner for my family, I blast lots of sounds from the kitchen. When I ask my teenager to dance with me, he raises his eyebrows to the ceiling, of course. But my 7-year-old son Finn still thinks this is fun. Somehow this makes me feel less grown up. I like that!

6. Coffee ritual
I drink one to two cups a day. At home, it’s Nespresso. Or I love going to a cafe to catch up with friends. I always savour the brew. It’s my reward after my daily exercise routine.

Article originally published in The New Zealand Herald