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 By Rachel Grunwell

Now is the time to step it up for training for the annual Wellington event – Cigna Round the Bays.

The family-friendly event is 14 weeks away – on 19 February 2017 – so there is plenty of time to train well and make the most of this health journey.

This way, you’ll reach your health goal with ease and be proud of your efforts at the finish line. If you haven’t registered, then do so now so you can get the maximum health benefits from becoming a stronger runner.

There’s a distance for everyone – whether you want to walk with your baby in a buggy, do the fun run, tackle 10km, or go the distance with the mighty challenge of the Cigna Achilles Half Marathon (21km).

To help kick-start your training, I’ve listed some tips below which helped me on my run journey. They are tried and tested and I know they work.

Only a few years ago I’d puff while merely walking and pushing my youngest son in a pram, but I slowly built up my fitness with a gentle walk/run routine to now being able to run longer distances with ease. So if this mum can, you can!


Start with an easy walk/run around your neighbourhood for 10-20-minutes in these early weeks. Walk for two power poles, run the next two, then repeat. Over time, you will run more and walk less. Do this two or three times weekly. Keep it fun.

Don’t run too fast to avoid getting injured.

Run with good posture. A trick

is to imagine a string above your head pulling you upright.

Try to keep your arms by your

side. Flapping them wastes energy – and looks a bit uncool!

Look both ways before crossing any roads and don’t have your music up too loud. Safety is

important – and be particularly watchful if you have little ones with you.

Drink water, not sugary drinks.

Column (week 2) published in newspapers throughout Wellington.

Enter by registering HERE & join to be in to win a prize worth $2500. 

Column by Rachel Grunwell, Cigna Health and Wellbeing Ambassador – a magazine wellness columnist, runner, qualified yoga teacher and director of the InspiredHealth website. Follow Rachel via Inspired Health on Facebook and Instagram.

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