By Rachel Grunwell (wellness coach/yoga + mindfulness meditation teacher/author of the book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness, which features 30 global experts sharing advice on how to live healthier and happier as well as 30 nourishing recipes). Buy the book for yourself or someone you love. Click HERE

Below are three different types of meditations that are just 1-minute-long each. They’re easy, relatable and quick. They will help you live life more grounded and present in the moment. I love teaching these mindfulness tools to clients. These are brain-training tool that helps you to live life more joyfully in the present moment (and less in the past or future). Meditation is handy for calming stress levels and feeling less anxious. It’s a tool that can help anyone. And all you need is a minute. Please share these meditations below with someone you love and care about who could benefit from using these. I’d be so grateful – Rach x

ps the below meditations that I share in links below are:

Senses meditation – a meditation that helps you cultivate mindfulness and present-moment awareness through tuning into your senses ie sight, sound, taste, smell, touch.

Body scan meditation – a mindfulness meditation where you scan your body and raise awareness around relaxing different parts of the body to feel calmer, and grounded. This one is especially good just before sleep!

Box breathing meditation – a simple, easy meditation based on breathing in for four counts, pausing for four counts, breathing out for four counts and pausing for four counts. You put this on repeat. 

Try a 1 Minute Box Breathing Meditation exercise to feel calmer, less anxious and more grounded. Click HERE.

Try a 1 Minute Senses Meditation with a Cup of Coffee. Click HERE

Try a 1 minute Body Scan Meditation to calm your stress nervous system. Click HERE.

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