Yoga-Girl to CrossFit Addict…

About two years ago I joined the CrossFit Newmarket gym in Auckland with the intention of turning up twice weekly to purely strengthen my running. I wanted to strengthen my legs to power myself up the hills faster. I was also curious about CrossFit because I teach yoga at the CrossFitNZ premises (and I love working with athletes on re-balancing their bodies and minds).

Fast forward to today… and I’m doing CrossFit five times weekly. I’m doing more CrossFit more than actual running. It’s a classic case of getting the CrossFit addiction! I dig feeling stronger. The cross-training has also been a great way to underpin my running. I don’t do three-hour training runs for marathons anymore. Nah, mostly shorter runs with intensity and blending that with CrossFit and yin-style yoga. Below are some cool tools and gear I use in my training. I can now double under skip (whoop!!) and deadlift 95kg by the way. These are just two skills I’ve been working on. And if this mum can, you can too….

Reebok PureMove Bra. Did you know that bra is made of the same materials as NASA uses in its space suits? It’s also on the TIME’s best invention list.
Reebok PureMove Bra, shorts and Nano 9 kicks. Check it out the cool new Reebok gear on their website Reebok website.

CrossFit/Yoga… I love the power of play….

CrossFit Nano 9s – love these #gifted kicks. Foam roller and ball = great recovery tools. I recommend using them – and also doing yoga, of course!

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