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Blog by Rachel Grunwell: Award-winning writer. Good magazine’s wellness columnist. Qualified yoga teacher & fitness consultant. Multi-marathoner & run guide for disabled athletes. Co-leader of health retreats at Rotorua’s Polynesian Spa. Director of InspiredHealthNZ.

I’m soooooo excited to announce that this yogi is an ambassador for @pureology – a haircare brand that’s natural, vegan & environmentally-friendly.

I love that this brand gives a stuff about the planet. But I also love the products because they are beautiful to use.

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Health + Happiness + Fitness things that rock right now!


By Rachel Grunwell

These are some of my fave things right now that are fitness, health or happiness inspired:

  1. The new adidas ultraboostx womens-specific shoes built with ultra-cushioned comfort. These fit just like socks – so they literally hug my feet when I run. They are super light too. Man, they’re so fly! Now, I just wish I could lol…
  2. Weleda arnica sports shower gel. Free of synthetic preservatives, this is just so delicious on the skin.
  3. Dr Hauschka products. These are plant-based and so nourishing on my pimple-prone skin (yeah, still getting pimples at my age DARN). I love too that this brand is biodynamic. The makers care about everyone from the crop growers, farmers, about working well with the environment in the best way, to the consumers getting the best quality products. Keep a look out for the new make-up colours oooooh la la.
  4. Karen Murrell lipstick made from natural ingredients. This stuff feels bliss on the lips and it feels good to use this product because the makers care about how they make it.
  5. Asics new white hoodie. So stylish, fresh and super light-weight.
  6. Kelly Gibney’s new cookbook ‘Wholehearted’  – Inspiring Real Food for Every Day. The recipes in here look delicious and unique and I love Kelly’s approach that this food is all about tasting great! I love how it’s not a labelled book on any food trend, but rather guides readers to trust their intuition on taste and how the food makes them FEEL.

Blog penned by Rachel Grunwell: Wellness columnist for Good magazine, yoga teacher, recipe creator, marathoner and blogger at 

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What is Biodynamics? And how a beauty company gets the best products

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By Rachel Grunwell 
Making great natural beauty products with quality ingredients is key.
But what’s also important for the creators of the Dr.Hauschka products is caring about having holistic, ethical and socially responsible practices.
In essence, Dr.Hauschka cares about everything from the start to the finish: From the soil quality and environment in which they grow their crops – to the sumptuous products you take home and enjoy in your home.

Dr Hauschka
The scientific term for this is called “biodynamics”. Essentially the term means all of the above, but so much more.
Biodynamics is similar to organic farming. It was first developed in the early 1920s thanks to the Austrian writer, educator and social activist Dr. Rudolf Steiner, whose philosophy is called “anthroposophy”. This philosophy centres on things like using natural means and holistic methods to optimise wellbeing. He believes in a natural relationship between natural science, modern science and spiritual science, nurturing the soul of individuals, but also society, along the way.
Steiner believes everything is interlinked including soil fertility, the way you grow plants using non-chemical means and self-made compost, to how the environment is nurtured to attract insects into the garden. His beliefs extend to using the astrological sowing and planting calendar and using ecologically-sustainable and socially-responsible business practices. So any workers involved too are treated with integrity.
Biodynamics is at the heart of why Dr.Hauschka has their very own gardens of about 4.5 hectares in Eckwalden, Germany, where around 150 different high-grade medicinal plants are grown. Here they can control what goes into the soil and manage it naturally including having more than 25 composts where all the residue plant debris and things like grass clippings can be returned back into high-quality soil that revitalises and rebalances the land.
Dr.Hauschka focus on renewable resources and works around natural cycles.
On the land, they nurture what they can grow successfully and what thrives in this environment. For example, they cultivate noble roses and common daisies because this is where they thrive and they are rewarded with bumper crops. They also obtain almost all of the seeds for the next year’s crops from these plants.
Here they can also control a natural ecosystem so they know they have the best environment to produce the best quality natural raw materials. This is why the Dr.Hauschka products that contain lavender for example, smell like a field of lavender when you open a bottle. It’s real lavender and it’s of the highest quality. 

Meanwhile, the Dr.Hauschka company knows that to get the best crops of some plants that they must be grown in other habitats. So they partner with other like-minded suppliers. An example is gathering shea butter from a producer in West Africa, castor oil from India and some roses from Turkey and Afghanistan.
A plant example which can not be grown optimally in the Dr.Hauschka gardens is Eyebright, which is used in some Dr. Hauschka products like Eye Solace, mascara and eyeliner.So the company commissions a wild collector, with a relevant collection permit, to harvest these plants in Vosges Mountains in France – at an altitude of 1,200metres. This collector never harvests the entire meadow and regularly changes the collection sites. This ensures that the plants are never depleted.
Meanwhile biodynamics is growing globally. Thousands of farms, gardens, vineyards and agricultural businesses now follow the inspirational business and holistic model. Perhaps this is a result of customers increasingly asking questions about how products are made and what exactly is in them.
So next time you open one of the Dr. Hauschka products, don’t just savour the sensational smells and incredible benefits of these beautiful products, celebrate the fact you are using a great brand that also cares about doing good.
Rachel is a professional wellbeing writer and columnist, marathoner and yoga teacher. She’s the director of Inspired Health.
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Top Tips for Glowing & Gorgeous Skin

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By Rachel Grunwell

Beauty is an inside job. What you eat, drink and feel affects how your skin shines. A simple thing too like smiling can truly make you “sparkle”; Frown-lines, of course, age you.

To have glowing skin you should try and sleep well, drink 2L of water daily, quit smoking, avoid getting sunburnt and stay away from environmental toxins.

As a qualified yoga teacher, I, of course, will recommend something like this style of exercise! It’s great for stretching and re-balancing the body and mind. It releases tension, and is also wonderful for the soul. Meditation too can help with “letting go” of toxic thoughts and ease a busy mind. It can truly relieve stress and worrying from the face!

Eating “real food” is crucial. The stuff that grows in the ground, on trees, and some quality sources of meat (unless you are vegetarian).

Eat foods like blueberries (a rich source of antioxidants), almonds (for Vitamin E) and avocados (which boast good fats and hydrate the skin).

Vitamin C-rich foods help too (like pomegranates and kiwifruit). Vitamin C increases collagen production, which can help plump up your skin.

Eat foods like fresh oily fish which helps “moisturise” the skin (those wonderful Omega-3s). My favourite oily fish is salmon and I love to order eggs Benedict for breakfast on the weekends. You can source Omega-3 too from the likes of walnuts, which are also a favourite and healthy snack of mine. They’re so portable and great for kids’ lunch-boxes.

I also highly recommend you to care about what you put on the “outside” of skin too. So don’t use products containing “nasties”. That’s why I love Dr. Hauschka’s 100% natural products. I also love how these products smell and feel when they soak into my skin. This beauty range uses medicinal plant extracts and it’s like there’s a garden of blooms bursting out of each beauty product. It’s heavenly.

What I’m loving using right now on my skin is Dr. Hauschka’s Quince Day Cream (which is in the above picture). It’s a light, not oily, and refreshing daily moisturiser.

With quince seed extract, jojoba, apricot and avocado oils, it’s a tool to firm skin. When I apply it, the smell from the tube also makes me smile.

The entire Dr.Hauschka range is certified by BDIH (the seal of approval for ‘certified natural cosmetics’) and NATRUE (the seal of approval for natural and organic cosmetics).

Meanwhile, I love this brand’s mission statement that your skin inherently knows what to do to look after and renew itself. Dr.Hauschka products do not take over these tasks, but just beautifully support your skin to be in balance with its own natural processes.   x x

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Rachel Grunwell is a mum, yoga teacher, runner, “wellbeing warrior” and director of NZ’s Inspired Health website (a Kiwi hub for fitness/health & lifestyle inspiration).

(Picture kindly taken by photographer Rebecca Grunwell)

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